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FBI Thugs Target Minority Business Owner in Bozeman

Few events strike terror in the heart of a citizen more than an encounter with the lawless police force known as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

As America has witnessed during the past 3 or 4 years, the FBI has devolved from the “premier” law enforcement agency in the world to nothing more than extortionists for the establishment.

As reported previously in Montana Daily Gazette, the FBI in Montana has “gone rogue” and launched a campaign to terrorize and ruin a minority, small-business owner in Bozeman named, Terrie Holscher.

The crimes committed against Mrs. Holscher by the FBI are voluminous and, when placed together in a list, dare to shock one’s conscience. Below is a partial list of crimes alleged by Terrie Holscher in her Public Corruption complaint:

  1. Violation of civil rights under color of law (18 USC section 241).
  2. Impersonating federal judicial official/Forging Signature of a federal magistrate.
  3. Malfeasance in office/Abuse of police power. Frivolous prosecution/investigation.
  4. Violation of Constitutional rights (violation of 4th amendment—illegal search and seizure).
  5. Conspiracy/retaliatory raid to disrupt the private use and enjoyment of business property.
  6. Armed group, making “illegal entry,” an 18 USC Sec. CH. 1365 Burglary and Robbery of a business entity, its
  7. Bias, prejudice, racist driven abuse of an Asian, 65-year senior female, causing her hospitalization, twice.
  8. USC Title 15 violations interruption of Commerce, business operations, interstate shipments, international export traffic,
    interstate sales and revenue disruption.
  • FBI committed multiple unlawful Acts upon an American Female Minority Race senior individual.
  • FBI used a fake warrant.
  • FBI impersonated a judicial official.
  • FBI forged a magistrate’s signature.
  • FBI had no affidavit.
  • FBI lacked authority.
  • FBI had zero probable cause

As one can clearly see by the list outlined above, the actions perpetrated against Mrs. Holscher are beyond the pale in regards to being lawful and violate several of her human and constitutional rights. You can read the entire complaint by CLICKING HERE.

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Sadly, we find ourselves at a time in history when criminals are afforded the luxury of a 2-tier justice system that allows them to operate with little or no retribution. A prime example of that form of tyranny can be observed with the recent decision to grant Ex-FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith probation for illegally falsifying an e-mail to continue spying on Carter Page

In an effort to protect the victim and to get this information out to the public and, hopefully, the Montana Attorney General, I have included a video outline of the victim’s complaint below:

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