“Most people don’t really want the truth, they just want a constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.” –cf. Romans 1:18

The front page of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune this week (Propaganda outsource in Minnesota) stated, “Orlando, the world weeps, F.B.I. Look’s for clues,” regarding this past weekend’s shooting that left 50 dead and a number of others injured.



Clue is defined as “a piece of evidence or information used in the detection of a crime or solving of a mystery.”

Therefore, I want to be a good citizen and would like to help the FBI with clues in which they apparently have not found yet, regardless if they are right in front of their faces.

Outside of the facts that the shooter’s father was a presidential candidate in Afghanistan, hosted a pro-Taliban television show, as well as supports the Taliban, I think that the rest of the information should come without surprise regarding Omar Mateen, the Islamic jihadist who murdered at least 50 people on Sunday and wounded dozens more.

Mateen was a homosexual (this explains why the LGBT is blaming the Christian right) and regular patron to the Pulse nightclub.  He was also known to the F.B.I.

FBI agent Ron Hopper said on Sunday afternoon that Mateen had a history with the agency. Agents first became aware of Mateen in 2013, after he made inflammatory statements to co-workers about affiliations with a terror group.

In 2014, Hopper said the FBI interviewed Mateen again because of a connection to a suicide bomber. But, he said, “contact was minimal” and Mateen was released.

Just before the shooting, Hopper said Mateen declared, in a 911 call, his allegiance “in general to the Islamic State.”  How convenient?

Mateen also worked with the Department Homeland Security.

Yet, the FBI is looking for clues.

The Department of Homeland Security, did you say?

Barack Hussein Obama has appointed:

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • Former deputy mayor of Homeland Security and Public Safety for the City of Los Angeles
  • Was responsible for derailing the LAPD’s plan to monitor activities within the Los Angeles Muslim community
  • Was appointed as assistant secretary for the Office of Policy Development in Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security in 2009
  • Became a Professor of Homeland Security and Counterterrorism in 2010

Mohammed Elibiary
– Homeland Security Adviser 

Here we have an individual that is an Islamic Cleric!

  • Islamic cleric
  • Admirer of the late Ayatollah Khomeini
  • Has advised numerous law-enforcement organizations on homeland security-related matters
  • Was named to President Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council in 2010
  • Misused classified documents in an effort to promote the notion that “Islamophobia” was widespread

Salam al-Marayati
– Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and is its current executive director 

  • Founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • Accused Israelis of responsibility for the 9/11 attacks
  • Hamas and Hezbollah sympathizer

Imam Mohamed Magid
– Obama’s Sharia Czar from the 
Islamic Society of North America 

This shows a direct link to Obama himself and this guy is a “leader” of a group that does not like the United States Constitution nor its people! But let us show you just who this character is!

  • President of the Islamic Society of North America
  • Says that media references to jihad as “holy war” constitute a “misuse” of that term
  • Was named to President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2011
  • Persuaded DHS to erase from its “Countering Violent Extremism” curriculum any suggestion that Muslim terrorism draws its inspiration from the laws and doctrines of Islam

Eboo Patel
– Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships

Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, the American people put their ears up to the speaker of either the radio or the television and are ready to hear what the President of the United States has to say.  This is the same man who sets the tone for the kinds of violence that Mateen was involved in because he appoints these terrorists and then deflects responsibility from the guilty after the crimes are committed only blame innocent Americans by attempting to set the narrative Leviticus 26:17.  Yet, after each atrocity, namely murder with a gun, the people hope to believe that what he says will be the truth, but the American people have yet to come to the realization that there is NO truth in this man or his administration. Furthermore, he is benefiting every group that means to harm Americans (John 8:44).

Without fail, there is a call for some form of disarmament or a stripping of the rights of not the lawbreaker, but the law abider, to make way for the criminals.

Another appointee, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who said that he was appointed to be the voice to the plight of the Muslims, now sees all Americans as the threat.

Read Article III, Section 3, United States Constitution.

Those who have no mind of their own to think with, apparently are wondering how this mass murderer obtained guns legally, but the guns are not the problem. Islam is the problem.  The real question is, why was he here in America in the first place?

Finally, those who are in the FBI who expect Americans to play the fool to their headlines and set narratives, you need not look any further to the White House, employ justice, and the crimes will be solved. Of course, America, you already knew that.

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FBI Looking for Clues in the Orlando Shooting? Look No Further Than…

One thought on “FBI Looking for Clues in the Orlando Shooting? Look No Further Than…

  • June 18, 2016 at 4:53 am

    Here’s a clue.


    The FBI has been trained to do same as the CIA has been doing for years. Except now it involves your local sheriff and “his deputies” also wherever possible. “Find,Fix and Finish”.

    The FBI,CIA,White House and POTUS has at least since 7 years prior to 9/11 been “FINDING” (By making and creating them themselves),targeting,profiling,inserting the “FIX”. And now since Obama and his CIA warmongering Central Bank Controllers has been in seats of power. It’s been quietly declared “FINISH” person,place and thing off who doesn’t submit to paying criminal thugs extortion money to “keep you safe.” Incarcerate you to others safe from you so you can learn how to be an even more useless,helpless,gangster criminal while incarcerated. Or if you’re really at the top of their list then you’re Black Listed for being suicided or killed some way.

    This latest tragedy in Orlando was preventable. It had as much to do with who is gay,perverse,queer and effeminate at the top who doesn’t like competition or anyone else like them and their PREDATOR CLASS of Pedophiles, as it does who ended up on the bottom at that Pulse Nightclub with their life cut short being slaughtered victim’s to those controllers at the top who always maintain control of all the masses through policy,indoctrination/brainwashing/programming and the purse strings that continually support and finance it all to be and then to do every form of evil,sin,lawlessness and violence imaginable.

    So there’s a clue for anyone and everyone. Unless you’re working for God and getting paid without money or income as the world pays it’s employees? Then everyone works for PREDATOR pedophile elite controllers. And everyone including them are currently being set up for failure and to be a patsy (victim oppressor or recipient from the oppressors) until any and all finally fails.

    Great plan huh? And they actually want to run the whole world?

    Remember this. They only have three things by which they can use to manipulate and control you by. And they’re all fear based. And or lack of comfort and lack of convenience and or lack of popularity (in your own mind and preconceived stigmatism you’ve been preprogrammed into.

    1) yourself in fear of being severely punished and incredibly inconvenienced (or someone you might love or care about) if you don’t pay them.
    2) your own fear of being incarcerated. And what others might think of you then.
    3) and your own fear and inconvenience of death.

    And do you really want to know the real kicker? Whether you or anyone else pays them,gets imprisoned for them or dies for them? What’s here globally even financially and like I said who and what’s running most of it from the top? Everyone is already paying them,dieing for them and beings locked up,pent up,hemmed up,sanctioned,sequestered one way in one form or another already anyway.

    So the solution is this.
    1. Don’t die. IE refuse to be the continual victim/patsy. Buy a gun and learn how to use it and prepare mentally that some day in order to TRULY protect the living, you may have to kill some piece of sh!t trash (especially trash in the form of man that may have swiped/stolen or been given unlawfully and prematurely a uniform,badge and gun from someone).
    2. Don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned in any way. And you can only do that with Jesus Christ,”whom the Son sets free will be free indeed.” And if you are imprisoned or incarcerated? Then don’t sweat it. Prisoners in America have it made in the shade with pink lemonade. Or something like that. So anyway purpose it in your own heart and mind that God is just allowing that for awhile so you don’t kill,harm or torcher who you think really deserves it and or maybe also because there’s some point of your own nature or character that God wants to work on with you that He wasn’t able to do while you were free in the world. And the last reason is if you are incarcerated that might be because someone inside somewhere might need to hear something you learned or got in life that they could be properly educated and better disciplined in if they hear that from you in person.

    3. Just don’t pay them (them being the big corporations especially of any and every digital technology and those contracts,service agreements etc. anymore also) Jack Diddly Squat for anything anymore!!!

    Then you won’t be like the FBI who’s still,”looking for clues”. Because if you do those three tips I just listed above? Then you’ll HAVE A CLUE and you won’t have to be looking for them who’s as much a part of the real Problem because they aren’t anything about the Real Solution even victory over every fashion and every form of sin including sins power and effect to you not only out from you. In Jesus Christ and His Word of God which is His Holy Scripture from Genesis through Revelation. So you might get and have a clue for this life and the next life even eternal to come.

    BIBLE=Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.


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