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More Faked Muslim Hate: Video Proves Muslima was Lying – Forces Her to Drop Lawsuit against Police

Another one of these darling Muslimas has been caught faking a “hate crime.” It was when a video was presented which proved that a poor little taqiyya promoter was lying that led to her dropping her lawsuit against Dearborn Police Department for allegedly violating her civil rights by demanding she remove her hijab.

A lawsuit was filed against the Dearborn Police Department, as well as the City of Dearborn in 2015. In the lawsuit, the woman claimed that she was required by police to remove her hijab while in custody on a traffic warrant.

Following the alleged violation of civil rights, Maha Aldhalimi said, “I am scared to leave my house now, and if I see a police officer when I am driving somewhere, I start shaking uncontrollably and turn in the opposite direction.”

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Michigan Director, and attorney Fatina Abdrabboh said in a statement, “We must not live in a society where the oppression of women or religious minorities can be condoned, especially when this violation is committed by the very entity charged with protecting them – the Dearborn Police Department.”

The Dearborn Patch reports:

The city of Dearborn, which was also named as a defendant, said in a statement Wednesday that video taken in the police department’s booking room during the arrest “revealed that her claims were false.”

]Maha [sic] Aldhalimi had claimed in the lawsuit that she had pleaded sever times with officers to allow her to leave her religious head covering on because of her deeply held religious belief. She claimed that if she didn’t remove it, it would be removed against her will.

When presented with the video evidence from the internal investigation, led by Police Captain Issa Shahin, Aldhalimi’s attorney withdrew the lawsuit on March 10, the city said.

“Dearborn police remain committed to respecting the rights of all people within our custody and we follow a stringent policy regarding religious head coverings,” Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said in the statement. “We knew this lawsuit had no merit and are glad that the people we serve can have confidence that our officers acted properly in this case.”

The lawsuit “attracted a great deal of unfavorable media coverage to Dearborn and to the Dearborn Police Department that lasted for weeks,” according to city officials.

So, I have a question for ADC attorney Fatina Abdrabboh, who is going to protect Americans from lying Muslims and why is your client not being charged with perjury, since I would assume she had to provide a deposition under oath to file the lawsuit? I’m not quite sure that she did, but it is a legitimate assumption.

In either case, this is just another example of a Muslim taking a page from the sodomite playbook and pulling your hair, slapping your face and then crying that they are a victim.

While the video was enough to absolve Dearborn Police of wrongdoing, that has not always been the case in the past. In 2013, Christian apologist and Freedom Outpost contributor David Wood reached a lawsuit settlement with the City of Dearborn following Dearborn Police illegally arresting Wood and his group for interacting with Muslims at Dearborn’s Arab Festival. Video was captured of that incident, as well.

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