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Exclusive: American Father Makes One of the Largest Intellectual Property Donations in History to Fight the Coronavirus

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One American father is donating intellectual property, worth perhaps millions of dollars, to help the Trump Administration fight Coronavirus worldwide



james white               NorthWest Liberty News               March 29, 2020


Despite recent events to the contrary, the default position of most people in America is to pull together in times of need.

It is true that hard times brings out he worst in people, but it often times also brings out the best.

I was contacted recently by an American parent living abroad who wanted to come on my show to make the Trump Administration an offer that is hard to refuse.

An offer directly related to helping solve the worldwide pandemic that we are now currently experiencing with Covid-19. How could I say, no?

It’s a rare occasion when you come across someone in life who casts aside certain wealth, and all that accompanies it, to benefit their fellow man; but that is just what happened to me over these last two days

As Donald Trump battles the fake news, and a deep state who is bent on his demise, he can take comfort in knowing that he doesn’t fight the battle alone. In fact, some of Donald Trump’s biggest and brightest supporters do not even live in America, which is the case for the guest that I interviewed in the video below.

My guest, who has decided to forego the opportunity to make millions off of his intellectual property, was born in this country and wants to Make America Great again.

The gift that he is offering the Trump Administration is most substantial and could likely save the lives of many, many people in the months ahead.

Please take the time necessary to watch the video below and share it to someone, anyone, you might know in the Trump Administration.  Lives could depend on it.


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