An emergency motion to dismiss charges in the ongoing case in Oregon regarding the Bundy’s and several other defendants was filed on September 12, 2016.

A 14-page motion was submitted to Judge Anna J. Brown following all charges against reporter Pete Santilli being dropped.

According to the filing:

The Court is familiar with the issues raised concerning federal subject matter jurisdiction and adverse possession. [#649, #1228] At last Friday’s hearing, the Court said to undersigned counsel, somewhat exasperatedly: “You don’t give up, do you?” It was a moment of levity at the end of a trying week, and counsel did not conclude anything further from it. But counsel did not realize that, just a few hours earlier, the government filed documents purportedly supporting a request for judicial notice regarding ownership of the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge (“Refuge”). [#1229, #1230] Those documents, filed at almost the last moment before Defendant Ammon Bundy is to stand trial, raise several urgent legal issues, contradicting and disproving the government’s prior statements regarding subject matter jurisdiction, and necessitating the relief sought herein.
The declaration also helps demonstrate how the evidence that the government intends to introduce at trial was seized without due process, raising significant issues which must be resolved before any trial on the underlying charges. For the reasons asserted, Mr. Bundy moves to immediately enjoin the government’s prosecution, to dismiss this matter with prejudice, to restore Mr. Bundy and the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom to the land and property they possessed prior to the government’s unlawful actions dispossessing them of that land and property, to suppress all evidence obtained by the government from the occupation site after Mr. Bundy was arrested on January 26, 2016, and for the other relief set forth below.

Veritas 13Fox and “Stacy” break down what the motion means in this audio presentation.

Stacy, has been looking into the issue of the illegal and unconstitutional occupation of state land by the central government since 2012. There is no doubt that DC wishes to control as much of the land and mineral resources as possible and they have shown they will use force, violate constitutionally protected rights and even destroy property to maintain their hold on land that belongs to the states and to the people.

The question now is will the central government save face and see that the charges are dropped from the remaining defendants or will Judge Brown do the right thing and dismiss the case altogether. Her track record is not very favorable to that line of thinking.

Read the entire motion here.

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Emergency Motion Filed to Dismiss Oregon Bundy Case

2 thoughts on “Emergency Motion Filed to Dismiss Oregon Bundy Case

  • September 16, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Regarding property taxes. If the federal government owns the land out there why are property taxes collected by the municipalities in the states? If the federal government owns the land out there, why isn’t the federal government sending out the property tax bills? If the federal government owns the land out there, don’t they own the land everywhere in every state?
    If I own my land why am I being forced to sell it if I don’t pay property taxes? The constitution says that we are to be secure in our property.
    Since everyone keeps insisting that the land at Malheur and the Bundy land in Nevada belongs to the state, it seems clear that if the land belongs to the state, it doesn’t belong to me and I just pay rent aka property taxes. Like any other tenant I am being evicted for not paying the rent: property taxes.
    The constitution at article 1 section 8 clause 17, the federal government can’t own land outside the district and clause 18 says except for forts, magazines and other needful buildings.
    Property tax is what drives up subtenant rents and rent that is too high is what keeps people on the streets. If I own the land how can it be seized and sold by the sheriff. The answer is that the state hides the statutes defining taxpayer. What they, the states, don’t want us to know is that only corporate persons, which are created by the state not God, are liable to pay property taxes. Try to find a clear statute in any state that defines that only corporations created by the state are to pay property taxes? Let me know if you find one.
    My friend found one in Pennsylvania that defines a taxpayer as corporate,
    (a) Inclusions. The following entities organized and incorporated under the statutes of this Commonwealth, the United States or another state, territory, foreign country or dependency, and doing business in this Commonwealth, or carrying on activities in this Commonwealth, or owning property in this Commonwealth, or having capital or property employed or used in this Commonwealth by or in the name of itself, or a person, partnership, association, limited partnership, joint-stock association or corporation are taxpayers for purposes of this article. See section 401(1) of the TRC (72 P. S.
    § 7401(1)).
    but I have searched for years in New Jersey statutes since 2006 and can’t find one that clearly states that corporations are taxpayers and the living aren’t. The states are far from lily white. They want revenue to pay their cushy pensions and they get it by deceiving you! They made a corporate double of you with a slightly different spelling of your name and gave it a driver license. That fake double of you is a creation of the state and hide it from you. That corporate double of you is a taxpayer!

  • September 18, 2016 at 5:34 am

    This all went sideways during the “Un-Civil War”. The 13th amendment which barred any BAR attorney from holding public office or serving was set aside and the new 13th we have now was put in place. Everything in place from that point on is null and void because it has all been done in fraud. Nothing done sense then is lawful. This current government system is not our lawful Constitutional government. We are being occupied by an unlawful foreign government. That is the reason we pay all these outrageous taxes; they are here to just rob from us. They just figured out if they could get us dumbed down enough we would just go along with it; and it has gone very well for them but it is all coming to light.
    Bundy can not win in “their” court, it is all just a show trial.


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