Renowned researcher Dr. James Fetzer joined me on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show recently to outline his evidence that the Mandalay Bay shooting was a Hollywood production


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It’s been nearly a month since a 64-year-old, multi-millionaire retired accountant opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel\Casino into a crowd of over 20,000 people enjoying a concert below.  The tragic events that transpired that night, in the heart of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, was reported as the largest act of terrorism on US soil in history.  In total, 58 people were killed and 548 were injured.

Except for the ever-changing narrative surrounding security guard Jesus Campos, what is listed above is generally considered the “official story.”  However, what if the “official story” is nothing more than official lies?  What if no one died at Mandalay Bay that warm October night?  In fact, what if the gunfire was not even real, but piped through the speaker system?  What if the entire event was an elaborate, Hollywood-like production; including the ever-present “crisis actors” who have appeared in other catastrophic events?  Does this all sound crazy?  Not to former Marine Corps officer and researcher, Dr. James Fetzer.

Dr. Fetzer was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to join me for an interview on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.  I have included a brief excerpt from his bio below.  To see his full bio, click HERE.

He has published more than 100 articles and reviews and 20 books in the philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. On this web page, his publications have been divided by area, including special vitae for computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, evolution and cognition, and his applied philosophical research on the death of JFK. His biographical sketch has appeared in many reference works, including the DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN SCHOLARS, WHO’S WHO IN THE MIDWEST, WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA, and WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD. It may be found, for example, in the DIRECTORY OF AMERICAN SCHOLARS, 10th edition, WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA, 55th edition (2001), and WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD, 18th edition (2001).


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Dr. James Fetzer: “No One Died in the Mandalay Bay Shooting”

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