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Daisy Luther: Prepping for Disaster

Although I do not expect nationwide earthquakes or large fiery rocks to come raining down on this planet any time soon, we all still need to be prepared for times when our daily routine grinds to a halt. One only needs to look at the recent snowstorms in the Eastern United States to get the clue that it doesn’t necessarily take a “disaster” for you have an occasion to rely on your food and water storage. Even something routine, like a water main break, can leave you without basic necessities for days. Being prepared is not considered so crazy these days, but intelligent minds have concluded that it just makes good sense.


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Daisy Luther, a.k.a The Organic Prepper, has been dishing out sound advice for those wishing to prep on a budget for many years now. Some of her articles and books are considered THE standard for prepping and preparedness in the alternative news community; and we were delighted to have her stop by for an hour on NorthWest Liberty News.


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