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CSKT Water Compact Shreds the Hellgate Treaty & Constitutions

This is What Both the Montana Constitution and the US Constitution look like after the new CSKT Water Compact

james white              NorthWest Liberty News               May 6, 2020


The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) Reservation was established in 1855 by the Hellgate Treaty.  The CSKT and Blackfeet treaties are two of the ten treaties negotiated by Isaac Stevens, Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

Stevens’ goal was to make reservations productive by developing farming, ranching, manufacturing and other skills on the reservations while providing the privilege to hunt and fish at places where the Indians traditionally hunted and fished off the Reservation.  Stevens’ dream was that Indians and non-Indians would assimilate in this 1.3 million acre paradise and there would be no discrimination.


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