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This week on Survival Sunday, we’ll talk about yesterday’s nationwide protests, Comey’s testimony, and yet another “crazy” conspiracy theory that has turned out to be real.

Here’s what happened at the rallies across America yesterday.
What’s for breakfast?


A heaping bowl of American irony.

Because what else can you call it when civil rights groups “denounce” a march against Sharia Law in America? (source)

Anyway, I digress. Yesterday, I warned that a series of anti-Sharia marches across the United States had the potential to become ugly. Here are some of the incidents that occurred:

7 people were arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to a local report, “most” of those arrested were counterprotesters. (source)
In Seattle, police deployed pepper spray to break up a fight and arrested 3 people. (source)
One speaker in New York was splashed with a noxious substance. (source)
Also in New York, one participant had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. People who referred (ironically) to themselves as anti-fascists tried to drown out the speakers with bullhorns and noisemakers, saying, ““We’re making so much noise to drown out the fact that they are furthering hate speech. I do not believe they have a right to a platform.” (source)
Self-proclaimed white supremacists showed up at several events. (source)
Event organizers insist that the events are anti-Sharia, not anti-Islam. They severed ties with one event organizer in Arkansas due to white-supremacist ties. (source)
Zero Hedge has some more extensive coverage here. All in all, things could have been much worse, and the violence was confined to the rallies.

Comey’s testimony was a big fat letdown for those hoping to impeach Trump.
Shamed erstwhile FBI Director James Comey’s greatly anticipated testimony before Congress was bereft of the expected smoking guns and shocking revelations. All of the people who were preparing Trump’s impeachment paperwork were sorely disappointed. (source)

The high points:

He left mainstream sources scrambling after he poked holes in their “Russia did it” plotline. (source) As usual, they managed to mislead the public with headlines that were outright lies. (source)
He pinpointed the real obstructors of justice as former President Bill Clinton and former AG Loretta Lynch. (source)
After the testimony, President Trump claimed “total and complete vindication.” (source) On Twitter, of course.

Here’s another “crazy conspiracy” that has turned out to have some merit.
Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media have uncovered some unsettling patents before, but this one takes the prize. They find an old patent from the 60s that uses digital signals to hijack the central nervous system. For real. Watch the video below.

This Week in Preparedness…
If there’s one thing I want to stress above all else when it comes to preparedness, it’s that it isn’t so much what you have as what you know.

Sure, it’s a good idea to have water filters and food supplies to see you through a blackout, but even more vital is knowledge, skills, and the right mindset.

That’s why I have two recommendations for you this week.

#1 The 2017 Prepper Bundle

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The offer ends tomorrow – get yours before time runs out!

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#2 The Home-Grown Food Summit

This is a can’t-miss-it FREE week of more than 38 seminars that focus on making you more self-reliant no matter where you live. I’m definitely tuning in since I’m learning to grow in a whole new climate and environment.

Here are a few of the topics:

Growing Great Tomatoes
7 Easy Ways To Feed Your Garden for FREE
Optimizing Your Soil Health
Farming in the Suburbs
Kombucha Basics A to Z
Feeding FRESH to Your Cats & Dogs
Planting & Managing Trees
Empowering Your Kids to Run The Farm
Worm Composting Demystified
There are speakers like Mike Adams, Howard Garrett, Sally Fallon, Sayer Ji, Joel Salatin, and Geoff Lawton and many more. Don’t miss it! The FREE live event starts tomorrow.

Register for the FREE Home Grown Food Summit
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101+ Dehydrating Recipes for Food Storage, Hiking, and Paleo Diets
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Minimalist Approach to EDC
Other Articles of Interest
Racial Unrest Escalates: Radical Evergreen State College Protesters Vs. Neo-Nazis
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Anything to add to Survival Saturday?
Do you have any news links you want to share? What are your thoughts on the topics above? Now’s the time! Please post your links in the comments section below and join the discussion!

Article posted with permission from Daisy Luther

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Comey’s Testimony – Another “Crazy” Conspiracy Theory that is Actually Real

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