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CNN Host: 12-Year-Old Girls are the Problem when it Comes to Men Using the Women’s Bathroom

Communist and CNN fake news host Chris Cuomo decided he would attack underage girls and their protective fathers against mentally ill grown men who want to dress like women and use women’s restrooms.

A Twitter follower of Cuomo’s asked, “What do you tell a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room?”

Cuomo’s completely immoral, intolerant and calloused response was, “I wonder if she is the problem or her overprotective and intolerant dad?  Teach tolerance.”


Commentator and author Mark Dice ripped Cuomo a new one tweeting, “CNN host @ChrisCuomo says girls are ‘intolerant’ for not wanting to see men’s penises in girl’s locker rooms.”

He then corrected himself.

“CORRECTION @ChrisCuomo said 12-YEAR-OLD girls are ‘THE PROBLEM’ for not wanting people with penises in girls locker rooms. YOU SICK MAN!!!”

“CNN host @ChrisCuomo says girls are ‘intolerant’ for not wanting to see men’s penises in girl’s locker rooms,” he wrote on Twitter. And then: “CORRECTION @ChrisCuomo said 12-YEAR-OLD girls are ‘THE PROBLEM’ for not wanting people with penises in girls locker rooms. YOU SICK MAN!!!”

Cuomo was obviously caught with his pants down (pun intended) as he fired back at Dice, “That’s a lie and you are wasting time. I was clearly saying this isn’t about the girls it is about parents judgments now prove the risk.”

Here’s Dice’s video commentary on Cuomo’s Tweet.

However, it is about the girl.  It is about protecting them.  Does Cuomo think it’s ok to contribute to the delinquent of a minor by providing them pornography too?  I’ll bet Christ Cuomo has an issue with women naturally breastfeeding their babies in public too.

“12 yr old girls objecting to seeing penis is intolerance?” replied a Twitter follower of Cuomo’s.  “You’ve lost the damn plot!!”

“How do you envision this happening?” Cuomo asked.  “A girl’s room with no stalls or some person just walking around bathroom naked?”

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby also commented, “In other news, @ChrisCuomo seems to be a pervert or otherwise lack basic decency.”

Darby is being far too kind to Cuomo.  Cuomo is a man that believes rights come from government, not God.  He is a useful idiot, literally.  He is a talking head that is being used to advance an agenda.

Just so we are clear that Cuomo is blaming this as a problem with the girl and her parent, Cuomo added, “The context is clear to me,” he tweeted.”The parent is saying if his daughter is offended and I am saying that he is the issue not her.”

No, Chris, the issue is you are helping to push a Communist agenda to undermine law by considering such perversity as normal.  W. Cleon Skousen was right in exposing your kind.

“No one is saying you must embrace LGBTQ,” Cuomo followed up.  “You have every right to say you disapprove but equal protection is not only about what you like.”

However, Cuomo is the one attempting to force this down people’s throat, which means by his actions he is clearly saying “you must embrace LGBTQ.”

“Don’t use caps and insults,” Cuomo continued.  “Use facts.”

OK, here’s a fact for you Chris.  Men and women are different.  A women’s restroom is for actual women, not mentally ill men who think they are women.  Try dealing with that fact.  If you would deal with that fact, you would understand the concern here for the physical, sexual, emotional and mental safety of little girls and grown women, but you could care less because you are pushing a wicked agenda.

“My point was dead clear,” he added.  “This isn’t about a scared girl. It is about an overprotective parent who is afraid without basis. Don’t twist it.”

One thing is correct: Cuomo’s point is dead, and it is clear.  He has so perverted the natural that he is promoting what is unnatural.  As far as I’m concerned, when little girls and women are molested in bathrooms across the country or become victims of voyeurs, then Christ Cuomo should be held accountable for promoting it on the fake news network CNN.

Article first appeared at The Washington Standard.

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