Political prisoner Cliven Bundy recently wrote a letter from jail. The letter, dated April 11, 2016, appealed to the US government and the American people to not let patriots and veterans who have served their country to rot in jail and trample upon the Constitution.

“It is your time to come forward – to defend and make right!” the letter began. “Two years ago tomorrow, the Bundy Ranch stood for liberty and freedom. Many stood with us, many prayed for us, and freedom won.”

“I have four sons in jail by the US Justice Department,” he continued. “Each has a family of a lovely wife and sweet babies. The hearts of these children are turned to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers are turned to their babies. All their hearts are broken from sadness!”

Though expressing his sorrow at the sorrow of his family, Bundy did not write the letter to call for sympathy. Rather, he wrote to call out the injustice against those who stood for the law.

“I come to you because you have American patriots and veterans jailed by federal US Justice Dept.,” Bundy wrote. “They have been there over two months. These women and men, most have served you America, overseas, one or more tours fighting and defending, sacrificing, enduring the savage of war, putting their lives on the line. They love their country, taking an oath that they would defend her against foreign and domestic enemies and to defend America’s constitution! These are the very best America has. Treat them that way!”

“You are treating them like terrorists waiting to see them rot in federal prison,” Bundy chastised. “These patriots came as individuals, dressed in their fatigues to share the burden and responsibility of protecting (the Bundy ranching family Nevada and the Hammond ranching family Oregon) their safety, property, constitutionality and state rights. These patriots have never harmed a soul on American soil or destroyed property. They only desire the best for America and they have been, they are, and they will stand strong and tall for America.”

He then asked, “Are you going to let them stand alone!!!?”

Of course, Bundy has accurately spoken about those who are now political prisoners. Unlike the criminal and unconstitutional agency known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Land Management, who have engaged in the open murder of women and children at Waco and Ruby Ridge and aided in the recent murder of LaVoy Finicum, along with setting fires that destroyed property, these men and women, to whom Bundy refers, have merely exercised their rights that are protected under the First and Second Amendments of the US Constitution to point out the blatant usurpation of power by the DC government.

He then went on to write, “These patriots’ (militia) desire was and is to strengthen government within the state’s respective borders. That We the People have elected and given to you your attorneys and money is needed in your defense. The feds are exercising power outside constitutional jurisdiction. TYRANNY! You cannot do your duty and be idle spectators.”

“As defendants, in jail, they are depending on US public defenders to represent their defense,” Bundy added. “That’s not good enough!! American lawyers, there are thousands of you. Come, at least 10 for each defendant. You veterans and your lawyers, where are you?”

He then appealed to average Americans, who whom there are over 300,000,000, pleading with them to help finance the defense teams. Lest you think that appeal is for selfish reasons, consider that Bundy and those who are imprisoned are there because they have counted the cost of their stand and have sacrificed. Second, their stand was against the unlawfulness of a government that we have allowed to commit crimes against us for far too long. So, their stand is, in fact, our stand.

“America, very good men and women’s lives and liberty are in your hands!” Bundy concluded. “Wake up America! I pledge justice for all!”

If you wish to help contribute to the Bundys and help them in financing a defense or helping in other ways, click here and you can donate via their website. Also, you can help reporter Pete Santilli as well by clicking here. These men need our support. If you can’t provide finances, please consider writing to them to encourage them and praying for them.

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Cliven Bundy Writes to America from Jail: Are You Going to Let Patriots and Veterans Stand Alone?

One thought on “Cliven Bundy Writes to America from Jail: Are You Going to Let Patriots and Veterans Stand Alone?

  • April 20, 2016 at 7:17 am

    Well. Here how it is. I prefer the KJV here best. But this version might say it so more masses might actually understand it. Matthew 20:25 HCSB and the first part of verse 26 so you all don’t get too confused.
    “But Jesus called them over and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles dominate them, and the men of high position exercise power over them.” “It must not be like that among you.”

    So you see Cliven,America,the Church and whoever else also? That’s only been Sound Instruction to all in creation for only around 2000 years. That Instruction and Guidance from Jesus and the Bible who also was that same God who set up and put into motion our Founding Fathers and Framers to our US Constitution that’s still rule of law for this great nation.

    So you see from Matthew 20:25-26 HCSB? There are three sub categories of people in creation. And of course all are one not just in Christ but since all in creation came into being through Christ then also. So all creation to one degree is one and or also has come through that One which has always meant to be for that One Creator God in Jesus Christ also. Just like the New Testament Word of God and my Beloved Pastor Chuck Baldwin says also.

    So the last part of verse was also something everyone else other then just me should have been actually doing in America since the time they were born from either or both births. “On the contrary, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

    Cliven Bundy and sons.Peter Santilli even also. Exactly what and who were all you guys making or better yet assuming was your servant you were ever master over and or also servant,slave,bondman or free to that lord,Lord or LORD over you then also? Which one of these three sub categories of men were you or are you yet still? Because all three can be and to some degree or another are those subcategories of men who are Americans even in America “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles dominate them, and the men of high position exercise power over them.” “It must not be like that among you.” So when Jesus was saying that instructional guidance for whosoever had ears to hear. He wasn’t only talking about that from a historical context to his own followers who had left everything. Nor was that message just meant to be sent to the Jews,Jewish nation,Israeli and or also Israelite leaders in government and church over them. That was and still is a principal of natural law of God. Pick and choose your leaders and who you follow,how you follow and when you follow and where you follow them very carefully. Or if you don’t do a good enough job at that in every area being most selective and most discriminating about everything and everyone especially your own sons and what you helped compel them on into. If or when you don’t do that exactly right and in the right timing? Then you will find those leaders you picked and chose for yourself to follow? Well,not exactly as deaf dumb and blind as Atheists and the rest of the world of unbelievers. But you all were as blind leading the blind. Not to every degree or in every way,shape or time. Just enough that was enough that your leadership you choose and followed didn’t have everything they needed from the start to see that job in Harney County done to completion. Like safety for just one example. So obviously God appointed other leaders who could at least make sure the most of you would be kept somewhere safe where no one else who was murdering people on the loose there could get to you Americans and Veterans Mr Cliven Bundy.

    Cuz if any of you would have asked me? Which not so much as any one of you and yours ever did. Then I would have told you that because America is being Judged by God right now. And because we have or don’t have what we have or don’t have right now. And because to some degree or another we all are tied onto some sum of 19 trillion USD national debt. Unless you happen to be like me who God didn’t just forgive but He’s been showing me for many years how to untangle myself from the policy and purse strings of corrupt government litigation in a like manner as to how God showed Pastor Chuck Baldwin how to get out of the 501c3 IRS church status entanglement web of compartmentalization,powerlessness and dumbed down. So there’s a time and a place for everything. I don’t think there’s anyone questioning any one of you Bundy’s loyalty to God or the Constitution. But just like many of the Old Testament only Jews,so too you guys are picking and choosing what and when and how of God’s life,your life and or Constitutional rule of law life…and death from sin also that you all insisted in and upon right there and then. It’s VERY VERY important to Know God and what it is that HE is doing currently in the current stage of the age that all of creation finds itself in now currently. Not just back where they would have liked to have been or remained at. Remember? “Delight yourself in the LORD and HE will give you the desires of your heart?”

    So I don’t mean to be critical. But no matter how pure you love and devotion to God and the Constitution was and is? What matters Most is what and how and when exactly God wants to do anything with or without it.

    And like I already said. America and the Americans offshore Bank run predominately US federal Government and Federal Reserve and IMF/UN Bank and most of our American lands currently at least on paper because of 19 Trillion USD national debt reality for most Americans even though most of that debt is fraud. It is tied onto those exceeding undermining ultra bad wicked policies of folks who arrogantly boast that they’ll never have a pair of handcuffs on them. Another truth be told she also won’t be able to enjoy most of what she stole where she’s going with or without handcuffs.

    So think about that. Not just where your tunnel vision and merry ole hearts would like to be and what with that you’d like to be about. Think about this now that you have more time to think clearly. Think about what part of this equation you might predominately belong signed onto whether that be by God or man including yourself and your own Federal Government Central Bank loans. “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles dominate them, and the men of high position exercise power over them.” “It must not be like that among you.”

    You know if your playing pool/billiards? You can still loose your game any way you want, any time you want and with or without any partner you or they wants also. Or you can also lose your game by any way which anyone greater or better then you plays their game. Because now you Know they aren’t playing your game by your rules even though they might entertain you on what you might think is your table. But for Christ’s sakes for goodness for all. At least wait to play your game when you’re out from behind every form of 8 ball that you had with you and right in front of you when you were even racking and breaking. You still had to learn the hard way that there was going to be a major obstacle,your own 8 ball you allowed being set right back up in front of you all along hindering every one of your shots from the start. Now I’m still pretty upset at mainstream and alternative media and most everyone everywhere just sitting back watching and letting you walk right into this lose,win,lose,Win,Lose,Win. But no one else is responsible for the trouble of your ow 8 ball hindrance in your life and works but you. Most people and especially media operations in America right now have well enough of their own 8 balls to have to constantly deal with or maneuver around before they make or call every shot of their own. They too don’t need the extra burden of someone else’s 8 ball and major bug or stick up their you know what also. Not that we all can’t share that you know. But if you got someone else’s Bank note stick up your own ass? Even if you were playing your own game on your own terms with who you thought and were told were going to be the only non military non run up on you opposition/opponent players? Don’t you know what they’re playing for? They’re playing for the Bank and the notes on the table. The Devil doesn’t care you don’t have anything left to play with but your own soul. He’s satisfied with that. And if you’re saved? Then he’s satisfied with derailing your life and walk with God any chance at every moment. So they’re playing for the Militarized company enemy devil and those eyes only see that and the wealth and the green and the notes on the table at all times. They don’t care what you think you were playing or fighting for. They knew you still had out pretty significant Government IOU’s. They knew they owned you. They knew they controlled you. They knew no matter how much you had that 8 ball stick reminded to you and yours own posterior. That no matter what shot you called or tried to make? You were going to have to make that call and shot with them constantly ramming their 8 ball force up your 8 ball posterior of your 8 ball life that unfortunately no matter how nice and good it was it was still behind more 8 balls then my very own here is.

    We have already turned some good out of this. And that will always be my plan no matter how unfortunate things go for anyone.And I’m sure at least bye and bye when you all get to go before our founding fathers and framers to one degree or another at least they’ll have to say. Well at least you didn’t sit at home in front of TV eating bon bons,cheese curls,drinking beer and smoking weed while letting yourself and your country go into greater depravity and deeper slavery and bondage.

    God will bring about much more good from this. But all has to know and recognize and respect that at this time God’s Judgment is upon America and it’s Babylonian Banking system of everything,everyone,nothing and nobody accountable. So being held even if it’s outside your own will at this time of Judgment. Being held accountable to anyone anywhere for anything is safety. Because that is at least a line of defense. A buffer zone. A barrier island if you will also.

    The real guilty everyone already knows has been, is and will’s to remain unaccountable to everyone without respects to persons,places and things even themselves. So sometimes God transcends that with His own people allowing them to be caught or captured. And then held accountable to unaccountable persons,governments,institutions and Banks. But the real trick shot with any of that isn’t just showing the world by using your own and leading by example how others might also be able to be held accountable someday here and now or later on even also? The real trick shot is how to get hold anyone even indefinitely with anything and anyone accountable to slippery stinky Babylonian militarized Bank Crap practice and all Sh!t policy that just runs off everyone and everything in the Light and Heat of Day while under this current Judgment of God who’s both that Light and Heat all the TIME,SPACE and for Eternity also?

    Don’t worry Cliven and Pete. Because God’s Judgment is upon America and it’s financial system? Help isn’t just coming but it’s already here. So wait on that LORD and that Judgment now. Otherwise it will be a bloodbath of peoples bodies blood spilled all over the place for the glory of the god of the dead and that Satanic church and Lucifarian Bank.

    That said. America is God’s Problem first and foremost.
    God is dealing with that by Judging what all and who all He and His own Prepared for that Position who have been called for in us even, is and are holding onto that power in His Judgment upon America and the people without faith that pleases God even by our own appraisment now.

    I have one apology to make. I posted while this was going on,”I’m going mobile”. And then this stuff all hit the fan. What I did and what I meant was I was going over to visit a cousin here locally and have a little chat with him about some things that were going on that I felt he and everyone really needed to know about. So I went mobile by getting into my SUV and going over to his house. I didn’t have the money or wealth or anything ready for me to take that long trip cross country to Oregon. So sorry if that sounded like I was going mobile for them and that cause. I was but I wasn’t. So I sort of bluffed. But I didn’t because I did do the only thing I was able to do. And I did go mobile somewhat. About 10 minutes away anyway. So sorry about that if I made Alex Jones who was in control Command Post of that FBI headquarters behind enemy lines in the Heartless,faithless and accursed areas of Texas who was enemy occupied lines themselves at that time I said that statement on one of my posts. And then everyone in PTB Control places blew the whistle. The checkpoints got set up. The ambushing happened and Levoy Finicum lost his life. So I apologize about my part in that if you misunderstood me. Nobody was telling me hardly anything. So I had nothing to go on but what I felt wasn’t right and something was going down very wrong that could have been averted had more American people done their jobs and even followed their own conscience more then they had.

    So right now I’m not saying be cowards and do nothing like Alex Jones and his Infowars media crew did right up to Levoys death.

    But at least wait until God shows us all here who all the real Americans are who aren’t cowards,compromised and or also behind the 8 ball and or has a stick u their posterior that can effect their call,their shot and anyone’s life. Before you call for Americans to do anything for you and your cause and your veterans there Cliven Bundy. Trust me. Its NOT just your cause. And it isn’t just you who are doing what they can to hopefully turn a really bad situation into one that hopefully at least is acceptable and reasonable for all people regardless of race,religion,politic,Bank or banking currency.

    I mean how do you think Hillary Clinton,Uranium One and the Russians might feel about this? They all might be use to some blood spilled over just about anything under the sun. But then theirs spilled blood and then their Spilled Blood. Death Cult Governments think they know how to handle every form of Blood covenant. But there’s one they can’t. And it’s this one that they don’t even have any controls on. Levoy Finicum with his and our Mighty God and His Son JESUS’S Blood being the latter,SPILLED BLOOD now on the Uranium and now all on Hillary Clintons soul. Then tied also to Uranium One and the Russians. See Hillary and her foundation had made that deal or pact with the Devil for that all before any blood had been spilled onto it and into into it. So anyway anyone looks at it? Even if Hillary,Uranium On and the Russians ever profited from the real uranium product underground America or not now? See there’s Strings Attached to the Greatest Blood Covenant of God who’s that Creator God in Christ. Who also just so happens to be that same Covenanting God who gave US the Founding fathers and Framers of our U.S.C.. That same One, Those Same Strings Attached with what and who all He had Covenanted with for person,place or thing.
    So have fun with that is all I can say. There’s now Strings Attached and Innocent Blood now spilled all over that whole monstrosity that will seek out and search out every living thing on earth. And then will either add more life to that person,place or thing who happens to righteous or more just in God’s sight. Or that will add more death,sin,captivity and servitude to all those who have anything to do with any of Hillary’s Uranium deals from Harney County Oregon. That’s just what happens. It’s natural law. It’s the way of Blood covenants also. And this one like I said just so happens to be mingled with the GREATEST. And that was no mistake or error,under-sight or oversite on God’s part. Because bare minimum He allowed it to happen. Now it’s everyone’s job to figure out why? I already know. And I said some of it right here. Now it’s your turn to learn how to know what He’s really doing.

    You know it was with very VERY good reason that God said in his Word,’Touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm”. That wasn’t just because God said so. Or just because Blood follows Blood and cries out to Blood for more Blood especially if their spilled was innocent. God also said that verse of scripture for many reasons. Like when his own would get incarcerated too. If that incarceration was for following Jesus? Then when and where was the Biblical account of Jesus being incarcerated and imprisoned except when his final days on earth were happening and Judas had betrayed The Christ? Other then that short period of time before Jesus’s crucifixion. As far back in my bible studies as I can remember or call to account now. Jesus Christ wasn’t incarcerated in prison,in jail or in metal health nut houses not even one day of his when he was in his own body walking the earth. So the real challenge here now for everyone because this does effect everyone. The real challenge now here is to figure out. Now why if Jesus Christ was never indefinitely detained? Why was that happening and why is that still happening with God’s people,his prophets and His anointed when He clearly said don’t because captivity and enslavement and bondage and perpetually behind the 8 ball is entirely against and contrary to a Freedom Loving Liberty to the captives proclaiming God who wants Himself and His nature about His True Sovereign self knows even to the ends of the earth. I mean we aren’t to be followers and witnesses to the apostles and disciples and prophets and the anointed of God. We are suppose to be followers and witness unto Jesus Christ,”And you shall be my witnesses unto….” Christ said.

    So a follower of Christ isn’t suppose to be held captive unless they committed a crime that resulted in destruction of person or property directly. Jesus was never incarcerated except prior to His Crucifixion which He came and had to do. We don’t have to. Because we aren’t God. And we never will be God. So even if we do die on our cross that we helped make for ourselves in life? Even if we were incarcerated prior to being hanged,nailed or killed? Then our spilled blood still wouldn’t save anyone else from any of their sins.

    So you see what happens? When bad things happen to good people? It’s because that suffering will produce an eternal amount of glory for them. And to one degree or another eternity has already began. Especially if you’re a born again child of God.

    Additionally what happens with God;s own prophet and anointed blood and time of captivity? The blood like the soul always go back to God. So all is made to be accountable before Almighty God till He’s all good and satisfied with all that for Himself and His own life which always includes the persons blood. The captivity produces glory for that child or God. And then it also causes greater captivity,slavery and bondage in this life and then also for eternity if they don’t repent and get right with God.

    So for the Chosen and their Envoys. Every lose lose or lose win situation will ALWAYS eventually result in lose/WIN and win/win and WIN/WIN/WIN.

    Like I said. It’s with very good and very many reasons why God said,”Touch not my anointed one’s and do my prophets no harm.”

    Bare minimum it helps Him/GOD decide for HIMSELF on what degree and how much penalty and punishment HE will directly distribute to every person,place or thing who’s complicit in His sight with doing evil against Himself/God,His People and any of His Chosen for select and very unique purposes of His own with their lands,governments,families,corporations and whatever else also.

    I can give you all sorts of good biblical examples backing up everything I’m saying here. But Americans and the Evangelical Christian American church in America does need any of that practical biblical applicable stuff for themselves for the here and now now do they?

    Anybody want to play a game of pool or billiards with me at any time? I’m not every good. I don’t see all the angles. I can make even less shots then the ones I can see. But I bet I can still end up whoopin your ass. LOL!!
    Only problem is I only play for something or someone that’s real. None of this fake debt or funny money or facade child impostor and fruitless anything.
    Me and My Great God will play anyone for the real stuff.
    But there’s one catch with that if you do play me or my Great God. You have to be a good sport and you have to get yourselves use to losing all the time. And then when you get upset losing and have someone ram their stick up your rear? You can’t then project that onto me that any of that is happening to me just because you’re getting so incredibly shafted for doing all the screw jobs and loosing at everything and everyone and myself and my Great God time and time again.

    So there’s just some of my thoughts and or also God’s thoughts and Ways on that subject.
    Not to worry though,….. right? He doesn’t exist. I’m almost a dead man because it probably says so on paper and so that must mean its true? And God totally ignores and fails and fails to deliver the people or goods as any of that pertains to or doesn’t to all or some of His Covenants,Oaths and Promises. At least equally as much and as often as creation itself does that same neglect of duty to itself in and among their creation,artificial reality and among cult churches and their Banks and Governments all the time. No wonder they think they’re God and or also gods? hahaha God sits in Heaven and laughs. lol


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