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Children: One of the State’s Most Valuable Resources

james white               NorthWest Liberty News               April 21, 2019




Few things strike fear into parents more than a visit from Child Protective Services, also known as CPS.  Although CPS goes by different names depending upon the state, the one thing that seems to remain consistent is their ability, and willingness, to use whatever means necessary to achieve their objective; up to and including violating the law and ignoring a judge’s ruling.

The stories of good parents being victimized by CPS are too many to list here.  However, I have already been reaching out to victims and will be featuring them in my recordings in the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

The madness and criminality of CPS must be brought to heel, and the enormous financial incentives that the Federal Government offers to snatch children must be removed.

I have created a compilation video, which I have linked below, containing a handful of major news outlets reporting on the horrors of CPS.  This video clips are not all inclusive, but a good overview of the nature of what good parents are up against in regards to this government sanctioned kidnapping ring.







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