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Few things strike fear into parents more than a visit from Child Protective Services, also known as CPS.  Although CPS goes by different names depending upon the state, the one thing that seems to remain consistent is their ability, and willingness, to use whatever means necessary to achieve their objective; up to and including violating the law and ignoring a judge’s ruling.

The stories of good parents being victimized by CPS are too many to list here.  However, I have already been reaching out to victims and will be featuring them in my recordings in the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

The madness and criminality of CPS must be brought to heel, and the enormous financial incentives that the Federal Government offers to snatch children must be removed.

I have created a compilation video, which I have linked below, containing a handful of major news outlets reporting on the horrors of CPS.  This video clips are not all inclusive, but a good overview of the nature of what good parents are up against in regards to this government sanctioned kidnapping ring.







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Children: One of the State’s Most Valuable Resources
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17 thoughts on “Children: One of the State’s Most Valuable Resources

  • April 21, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    Well Jim, I just retired with 10 years working for CPS in Washington State. I am very proud of my tenure in the field. I read posts such as yours when I come across them. Is CPS perfect? Hell no. Do some slip through the system. Hell yes. Are the majority of CPS workers proficient in their work? A resounding YES. You know why? Because they care. They work for nothing. Give up personal time and their own money to help emotionally , physically , chemically and sexually abused children. All day every day. Something must be very corrupt in Montana if you keep your incessant harping on this subject. Here in Washington State we can’t keep up with the overwhelming amount of children who are in rat , feces and drug infested living conditions with parent(s) who are strung out on Meth or Heroin. Have you or your readers ever held a newborn born addicted to Meth? Or going through Heroin withdrawals in a Period Natal Infant Care Center?Every day we went back out in the field to keep children safe. We are used to people as yourself condemning us constantly. If you , a loved one or friend had a personal bad experience with CPS , I am truly sorry. But know , it is the exception, not the rule. I challenge you to volunteer at your local CPS Office. You will get more than an eyefull.

    • April 22, 2019 at 3:10 am

      I have no doubt that there are good CPS workers; a point that I have outlined in previous videos. Regardless, the entire system is broken. Not even one time should a family lose their children because of CPS overreach, but it happens often. Any time you offer financial rewards for bad behavior, you get an out of control system like we have now. No time to volunteer, I’m too busy with trying to reform the government sponsored kidnapping ring you used to work for. No disrespect.

      • April 23, 2019 at 2:00 pm

        Just in case you think CPS workers remove children for profit, know that there are no quotas that have to be met, nor are there any bonuses given for removal of children. CPS policy dictates that removal be the LAST option after every effort to preserve the family has been exhausted. There are no incentives for workers to take children from their homes.

        Someone pointed out that the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 has an amendment in Sect. II that states there are incentives for adoptions. $4,000 is paid to the state in which the adoption is finalized, and $2,000 more is added when the adoption is of a special needs child.
        Here’s the thing; that money is an incentive to get the child out of Foster Care and into a home, and is only given for children who have their health care covered (which is every child in the system). The biggest problem in associating that with CPS taking kids away is that the only way an adoption can take place is when the parent’s rights are terminated. That means there is no way that the children are ever going to live with their parents again. So, if they can’t live with a family member the only options are adoption or staying in foster care. CPS does not remove children from their homes, Law Enforcement and the Courts do that. We provide food, healthcare, shelter, transportation and counseling, among many other things.
        That being said, if you look at where the federal adoption incentives go you will see programs that the incentives fund. What you won’t see are stipends, bonuses, or any form of monetary gains paid to any worker for removing or caring for children.
        I welcome you to look for yourself…

        Text – H.R.867 – 105th Congress (1997-1998): Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997
        H.R. 867 (105th): Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997
        Adoption Incentive Awards History
        FY2016 Monthly Financial Reports and Narratives

        Lastly, are you going to take up my challenge and volunteer at your local CPS office? I would really like to read about your experience in doing that.

        • May 28, 2019 at 8:06 pm

          Bullshit…go tell that crap to someone that’s gonna buy that trash…quit your lying and make some more money for your corrupt enterprise. …..

    • May 17, 2019 at 6:32 pm

      The herculean tactics of. CFS in Missoula county is in a word, criminal. It makes me physically sick to read your “eye opening” statements. Cfs nationwide needs to be dismantled, brick by brick. Its toxicity and sickly conditions are destroying familial bonds and certainly not making families strong and protecting children. Perhaps you would do well to read about Dr Harlows studies on the disruption of biological beings being separated, whether monkeys or humans. A human child is better off with a cocaine addict parent, getting help for that addiction, than in foster care. Jim is not harping on the subject, he is sharing a humanitarian crisis. You all make me sick, and are not social workers. Shane on you.

    • September 10, 2019 at 3:29 pm

      I am a victim of the cps systems in 3 separate states. Not one of those 3 states have any documentation for my placements ,

    • September 25, 2019 at 1:01 am

      I challenge you to show me one child that aged out of foster care that transitioned into independent living with job opportunities and educational scholarships?

  • April 21, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    The government is rearing these children because 80pecent of mothers are in the workforce. In 1975 the words “Latch Key Children” was coined because there was no one home when the kids came home from school. In Kalispell, children can get free food, from the schools, all the way up to 18 years old. We, taxpayers, are paying for this, because the mothers would rather work for money, so they can drive their own cars.

  • April 22, 2019 at 6:29 am

    Mr White and other Montana Legislators, like Garcia and Lenz, who ate joining the fight, are “spot on”, that CFS is an unchecked, all powerful circus, who is andeetable to nooone,mandvthat kind of power and overreach by government, is always abused. The CPS worker commenting above may have had a different approach and thank God for decent people, in perhspsca more rural area, nonetheless, we have the 2nd highest removal rate in the country, in s scarcely populated state, being mismanaged by the Gestapo, and leaders like Marti Vining, who rather enjoy being sadistic. I have fought on the front lines for a year, in legislative circles, and quietly for 4 when CFS was negligent with a family, and removed 6 kids, carelessly, because the young caseworker, “thought” the mother was mentally ill. The same night CFS forced herself in the home, and out with her traumatized childre, the authorized professionals, or doctors, sent mom home. Thete was nothing wrong with her. It was a barrage of calls and false allegations by an angry ex. They proceeded to terrorize that family. It was ordered the children be returned “immediately ” cfs refused to return the youngest child. They threatened the mother, andcsaid they have jurisdiction over the judge. 6 years later that now 8 year old is emotionally disturbed. Trauma, PTSD, …cfs took no accountability. Mom fought as a single mother to bring her home, costing her homes refinance and mammoth losses. Finally on April 16th ofthis year, the child was ordered in full custody of mom,. Not 24 hours later the ex arranged s barrage of calls against this devout Catholic mom. Cfs intercepted mom on the way to therapy for the child, snd took her. They just took her, telling the mother, who collspsedbin agony, “we told you not to take custody” Then they left. The child has been gone for 5 days. No due process, no show cause…just the Gestapo. They sent a late night text…”if you want to your daughter, you have to come to our office Monday at 2pm” …and that’s it. Sadistic monsters. They handed her over to the childs father. After the mother was awarded full custody, because she speaks against them in legislative sessions and has done interviews. The level of profound criminality in this is staggering abuses and a blatant disregard for constitutional rights. They were laughing. Sadistic. Evil. Young, inexperienced, and misguided by their superiors who use them like puppets. Now while waiting for an injunction, the mother and child have been separated. There is no evidence. The psych evaluation shoes a healthy mother, 5 other thriving young adultsshe raised, 3 college…sndvtheybtook her 8 year old. Retaliation is government agents using their office of power to abuse citizens. There will be a fight in court, and likely the child will never see her mother again.. I did all things proper, and am a good mom…Please help me. Let me get on yourcradip show and expose them. They are so far out of control, they are incentivized to remove, and they must have oversight committees and for legislative thoughtful governance to dismantle this dark, shady business of taking and selling children. I wont last much longer…I have had my life destroyed. My daughter gone…For fighting them. That’s my crime. Despicable.

  • April 22, 2019 at 6:38 am

    I’m sorry about typos. It’s a tablet. I can. Edit and resend our story. I want the world to know what they did here. It’s the most egregious case in Missoula county history and professionals are in awe of Marti Vining Not putting a stop to it. Its retaliation and its despicable. I’ll come on the show, if you want to hear this, unbelievable story.

    I will likely ask the Bishop of the church to intervene. Legislators have reached out. I need the governor to know and to expose this. It will never change if we allow them to abuse innocent, and helpless parents …I am a 51 year old devout Catholic. I dont smike, drink, smdchave never used drugs. This is a systemic nightmare.

  • April 22, 2019 at 3:55 pm

    If Washington state Social Workers care so much… I would like to hear Karen’s explanation for DSHS in Pierce County placed an 18 month little Girl with an abusive Father (that has a record of Domestic Violence), he severly beat the child & now she is a blind quadriplegic needing care for the rest of her life. WA (and it’s tax payers dished out $19.3 Million for this one!

    And this is NOT an isolated case. There are many more! DSHS repeatedly puts children in danger!

    Or what about Clark County giving a 2 year old little girl to her bio Father; a known convicted Child rapist!! What caring SW would do this?? This case only cost WA tax payers $3.1 Million.

    DSHS repeatedly removes Children without any evidence of abuse or neglect, no warrant, no imminent danger, just hearsay & lies from vindictive ex’s. Parents are automatically assumed guilty unless they can prove they are innocent and DSHS uses coercion to force innocent parents into a “service plan” right on the spot; there is NO Due Process. They keep these innocent Children, that cry to go back home , in foster care for years so DSHS can fraudulently collect Title IV-E Federal funding! Social Workers lie to the courts & the Asst. DA, falsify reports, last I knew this is called perjury. They traumatize families for life; many have PTSD from dealing with the loss of their Child/Family. This is nothing less than state sponsored kidnapping! There is NO accountability or over sight.

    Your Children are put on a fast tract to forced adoption thanks to AFTA and DSHS gets a bonus! Sometimes the Social Workers compete to see who can get the most adoptions in a month! Advertising Children online like they are a pet… Disgusting! This Multi Million dollar business needs to be investigated for RICO!

  • April 22, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    Its on this Goverment PDF Human Sex Traffick by tax payers funds http://parentalrightsclassaction.com/complaintcoverpage.pdf

    My mother’s rights were violated and I was treated unjustly which put me on a crusade to shut down or reform the government agency’s who cause harm in families lives. I thought Mother’s Day was a good day to tell everyone I spend much of my time writing letters that explain the injustice done and emailing them out to wazilliions for over eight years, faxes in 09 determined to better the system that harmed our family life and I spend much time signing petitions, finding them on the internet and I’ll spend all day emailing them out for signatures as its become my life mission to change this system that detains custody of children as I feel it’s not safe and wrong for a child to be taken from their blood mom and I’ll fight to the bitter end to prove my point for my violated mothers rights and for all moms and children all over the world as I feel so much harm is done to many and thus I know by reading other parents information.seeing their YouTube’s, reading their posts of their tears of woes and fear they have of trying to keep their children safe when their made helpless, stuck and so violated as parents. Thus I comment on many posts, send messages,emails, posts to prove a point and to saturate the internet so they may close is my prayer. I think orphanages would be safer with a head count each day. The crying ones ripped away from their blood moms I fear for all their safety everyday as this system is corrupt and must be changed and I felt by my experience years ago that DCFS and CPS places must close or reformed for the citizens of The United States of America and the entire world and I pray it is so
    Here is how my story goes that I’ve told every which way in many letters, emails, posts, messages, comments, petitions, and faxes for almost nine years. Nearly a decade of fighting for justice with all my heart and soul as I prided myself of being a good parent and being a single mom with my daughters meant the world to me and each night I said I was a good mom today and slept easy as I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous long before they were born in 1991 and 1995. My lovely daughters are now 26 and 23 years old and pregnant and soon I’ll be a grandma and I want it off my record, the liar framing set up nonsense case of a big huge mistake as I was a great mom and I know that for a fact as I prided myself on my parenting and by my 12 step program I’m over patient. I studied many parenting books and healed my own inner child in 1987 in ACA long before my first daughter was born, in ACA you learn to love and nurture parent yourself and loving yourself being nice to yourself it’s easier to love another, and that’s where I learned about parenting , to not shame, blame, belittle kids, and to not say don’t cry or threaten and I learned it’s better to let people have their feelings and emotions rather than stuff them and say why are you crying ? and be supportive therefore I was a time out mom, minutes by age four minutes for a four year old. I’m very against hitting or spanking and I was even writing a book on Parenting called “The Selfless Single Mom” as I used my ACA training for parenting skills and I was set up to DCFS by many mean events and occurrences that unfortunately transpired as I was a proud mom who always said I don’t do anything wrong I have only good karma coming I said often to others as I just suited up showed up did what was in front of me calmly with patience and sincerity a person with a clear consciousness of checking my motives working hard taking care of my daughters and making sure their needs were met. A hard worker in my life on movies as a Costume Designer I worked long hours in my 20s before they were born and I bought a property in my 20s and was on my 4th property I owned and the last I planned to never move and to be there the past nine years is what’s lost in time as I planned to have my daughters bedrooms as permanent for college and even visiting for holidays and to have that family home for us forever I planned diligently years in advance and I worked hard to get there by working at my 10 year realtor business at 4 a m for three hours every morning for years so I could get some of the days work done before my kids woke up to shorten my day to be with them after school and up at 7 a m I had 3 hours of work done then made them breakfast and drove them to school they did not the the bus and in teenage years I drove many of their friends to school also and I helped in their classroom, attended their class parties and I was their Art Docent in their 4th grade classes, I paid for t shirts for the Fun Runs Flowers for fundraisers at Sherwood Country Club , Advertising in their school newspapers for Real Estate customers to families and I paid for the school voice system. Nancy Fox Re/Max thousands of dollars invested in my 10 year realtor business I built up gone to the wind when I was set up to The Department of Child Family Protective Services my 10 year business of livelihood crumpled of a hard working good parent in the community where I volunteered my time, had an all referral realtor business giving personal attention to local residents as the busiest single mom doing it all with stride calm and focused around my daughters lives needs and schedules, a mom who does not party, does not drink at all, I did not gossip or model , I kept the privacy of others to myself and I’m a keep to myself person normally but when all the setups happened I had to speak out complaining as everyday I just loved being a mom and our lives were ruined by The Department of Child Family Protective Services knocking on a safety consciousness moms door, such a helpless awful feeling to loose the control of safety over your kids and to have custody detained by lies told to Department of Child Family Protective Services and a not needed case file opened based on lies from anonymous callers who lied dreams while I was sleeping were delusions and another lied I took meds and no meds no prescription no meds I’m sober in AA to not take pills. I like feeling sober and spiritual and in touch with my feelings and reality and awful lies were told about a long time sober A A spiritual lady who’s a safety consciousness mom who got speed bumps put in our neighborhood where I was on the homeowners board and contributing to the community and I was a full time stay at home mom for three and one half years when they were young. I gave up being a studio Costume Designer and my income and made sacrifices to be home with them full time and I’m a humble person who not brag about my life I had in the movie business which I planned to return to when they were adults my plan was to double my real estate income right about 2009 when this happened and a 10 year realtor business usually doubled at the 10 year mark and I planned to get a real estate partner later and sell my screenplays and go back to the movie industry when they were older and still my plan and always has been is to be a producer and writer which I am my whole life.I spent years studying to be a writer and when my realtor business was destroyed by then knocking on our door I started my writers business in 2009 which I’ve set up 4 times and my income is stopped up since they knocked in 09 and I believe its ID Theft by bogus DCFS papers that I never received as I lost custody unfairly in 2010 and I was told no DCFS papers today at court the case is being dismissed and three weeks after the fact I saw DCFS papers I never got that were full of mistakes,wrong,and incorrect as lies that had been dismissed without prejudice a year earlier were put back in the DCFS papers that I never saw knew of or received and I provided my psych eval ruling me not gravely disabled not a danger to myself or others to the court. I brought five copies that day as my lawyer advised me to and provided it to him and DCFS by fax in advance and I should not have lost custody and I was treated unfairly and unjust and my rights were violated by DCFS that ruined our lives. As a summary of events.
    Victimizing events happened for years prior to them knocking and I was obviously set up to DCFS
    As many crimes and violations happened long before that
    We were stalked by many cars that scared me to death, a car parked in front of our mail box on a post for four hours. It was broken into the ground twice. My car was broken into that was parked in our driveway and my daughters ballet bag was stolen and my Realtor portfolio and I thought maybe a realtors doing this who’s after my real estate business. Our three cats disappeared when stalkers were there Labor Day 2008 and my brother lied I was suicidal and I’ve never been in my life and that week DCFS knocked on our door. My car had broken down and it was agreed in. court in another county where I’m called the custodial parent full psychical custody since the legal separation Jan 2000. Ventura County Court. Also filed in the Van Nuys Court the custody agreement Jan 1,2000 legal separation. We agreed in summer 09 our younger daughter age 14 then would stay with her dad for the summer and then DCFS detained custody of her and our older daughter age 17 then and said you’ll find out why at court and a few days later I saw pages of the lies told about dreams being delusions, medication lie all dismissed without prejudice in court to the mom has major life stressors. My older daughter turned 18 in 09 and was dismissed from the case in court. Then I had a psych eval court ruling Nov 3rd 2009 on the “Certificate Review Hearing” form which I provided to the court and I complied with everything and lost custody unfairly and that’s my story.

    Nancy Gail Fox aka Fox-Taylor
    Medium For God DBA

    I am hoping to receive DCFS Class Action Lawsuit money due to this victimizing and injustice done. I had full custody in Ventura County and this was L.A. County.
    Parentalrights.org class action lawsuit.
    Also, a group of people lied to AOL, they lied my PayPal email address was theirs medium4jesusgod@aol.com and I believe they are taking it by the incorrect slanderous DCFS papers with mistakes. The papers I never received that I saw later as they did include my psych eval court ruling. I don’t receive mail as I should since this happened and I believe its related to the DCFS case file from nearly ten years ago when I was set up in spring 09 and the anonymous callers lied were dismissed and its very worrisome that they human sex traffick at child protective offices as many say this. So I am very praying for class action lawsuit money,

    Nancy Gail Fox

    PayPal email medium4JesusGod@aol.com
    Gods Medium nancyfox4re@aol.com

    My daughter Jessica Denise Taylor 9-17-91 is now 27 in Sherman Oaks, CA
    Hannah Grace Judith Taylor 3-31-95 is now 24 and has a son born 10-8-18, in Arvada, Colorado

  • April 23, 2019 at 3:57 am

    Awfully nice to sometimes give the problem children back to the parents in some states… Around here they just cremate em and torture em if they can’t sell em and harvest their organs or sell em to terrorists but keep collecting the cash through the age of 25. Either that or they ship across state lines to Nebraska or Kentucky where they do psychological experiments on them… Like injecting them with benedryl and other drugs when they act up so they can engineer them to be drug addicts when they are out… That way they can keep make money off of them once they become criminal felons in and out of jail and prison. Round here, they are too greedy to let em go… Plus they’d have to admit they were wrongfully taken which would result in more lawsuits.

    But yeah really, until private for profit prisons are outlawed, the foster war will never end… They need to keep a steady flow of future felons to make more money off of. If we reduce the output of future prison populations, the poor prisoner profiteer racket will cease to exist.

    Ever wonder why America has more prisoners per capita than any other country yet we claim to be free?? All about the $$$$. Wake up people! See the big picture for a change. That’s the only way to abolish government funded human trafficking. Making $ence yet???

  • April 24, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    The Cabal is hurting me financially and my career because I am actively promoting the truth about our space visitors from other planets and those that are here. I am not afraid to fight back and spread the truth like you do. They are doing this on purpose because I am out there spreading the truth like you are. Thank you for your recent YouTube program with guest, Laura Eisenhower, produced on April 16, 2019 and published on April 24, 2019. Keep up the good work James White! We both have to work together in our ways to make it work, so will win this battle against the Satanic Cabal.

  • May 2, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    Two Montana supreme Court cases, in re bp AP similar to your case. Homosexual father lost custody in divorce. Went to Cps where he had friends and got a removal order from Gallatin district court judge. Unrebutted testimony that father was raping his own son. Supreme Court made aware of that and didn’t care. District judge who handled case I’m told has a homosexual son. Mother never got her children back. They sent to father in San Francisco who was living there with his homosexual lover. Mother a homeschooler, was accused of emotionally depriving the children of social development because she was homeschooler and children removed based on that fact. Guardian ad literature appointed to represent the children’s interest was the former superintendent of the public schools in Bozeman and was very hostile to homeschoolers in that area when she was superintendant.

  • May 30, 2019 at 4:07 am

    ON FRIDAY MORNING my 3 year old daughter will be getting dropped off unsupervised with a tier two registered sex offender, this man beat me severely multiple times, shattering my nose and eye socket, choked me strangled, suffocated me, threw me out of car, threatened to kill me, attempted to kidnapp me, mitigated homicide, felony pmfa, repeat felony offender and now registered violent offender who was in failure to register status for over two months before being updated, because of the biased decisions of my caseworker and the inappropriate personal friendship she has developed with him and his family I’m in danger of losing my daughter once again cause I refused to coward down and give up my my rights and openly voiced my opinion on this cps worker and her lack of ethics and certification and plain ignorance towards my situation. If people only knew the extent CPS will go to prove they have complete power and control over you show absolute disregard towards your children’s best interest at any cost to break your will and take your child, my case has become so personal the worker involved is actually stalking me and making up false allegations and deliberately giving leeway to the actual abuser, helping him slide through their “set standards” so he can show false viability and a positive role in her life. This is done through falsifying documents, uninvestigated false call ins, policy and legal violations, Illegal removal, violation of federal rights, deformation of character, and non stop harassment, the trauma this has caused me and my children is unreversable I see CPS the same way I see the abusive relationship that got them involved in my life in the first place. I have no criminal record there was once a time i believed in our system, I have been going through this for 2 years now , and everytime I think I might be close to safety they find a way to sabotage all of the hard work I have put into getting my baby away from these monsters. When will they be stopped
    How many times do they have to cross the line before anything is done, I live in constant fear, the system has failed me , my faith in working hard and doing the right thing will always prevail is diminishing day by day as i watch these people put my daughter in more danger now than she was ever in before they came into my life, if I had known my rights, my 4th and 14th maybe I could have prevented this, when that case worker smiled and said I have every intention of taking your child, I thought no way, but it’s really happening she is actually succeeding in doing so through justified ” legal” criminal activity, I can only pray now that someone can help before my daughter becomes another statistic , please help stop CPS they only look out for the best interest of them selves our children are nothing but a paycheck to these extremely sick and demented people.


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