Oregon standoff/Bundy Ranch reporter and Marine veteran Pete Santilli arrived at the Henderson Nevada Detention Center on March 29 to be arraigned on March 30. Though Santilli has been arrested on obvious trumped up charges, he remains steadfast about his decision to go and report on the Bundy Ranch siege in 2014. He also pointed the finger at Daniel P. Love, who was the lead investigator in a 2009 investigation, which resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit, with Oregon Special Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing, who also led the Oregon standoff. Love was also in charge at the Bundy Ranch siege.

According to Deb Jordan, who is the co-host for The Pete Santilli Show, Pete wants everyone to know that his “resolve has not changed.”

In an interview with Santilli, he said, “When I arrived at Bundy Ranch in April of 2014, there was a clear and emanate danger and threat to my life, and that of the Bundy Family who were protesting within their rights, as given to them by God and outlined in the United States Constitution. It is now, as it has always been that my testimony is; The United States Bureau Of Land Management, under the direction of Daniel P. Love, was poised in an aggressive manner, and having already displayed a willingness to physically harm the family and anyone who supported their protest, I believed my safety and the safety of everyone on that Ranch was in question and we were all in danger of losing our life.”

“I never carried a firearm – I never picked up a rock – I never touched a Federal Officer – nor did I threatened to,” said Santilli. “Within the many archived hours of footage you will be hard pressed to see me or Cliven Bundy and many others charged, with a weapon pointed at anyone. The only people pointing weapons at anybody when I arrived at Bundy Ranch was, as it has always been, the BLM. They can charge us with whatever they like, but it certainly doesn’t make it so.”

Santilli even took the opportunity to speak with Daniel P. Love in an attempt to get him to reconsider what he was engaging in against the Bundys.

“He gave me the same bullheaded response he was giving everyone else,” Santilli said. “He challenged me with a threat. Just like he challenged the Bundy Family with threats. Did I threaten him back — NO — I told him the truth, and the truth was these people were resolved to meet him head on. I tried my best to convey to him that this was not going to end well if he came at these people with his pride and guns in their face.”

“I still stand on my initial belief that Daniel P. Love is fully responsible for what happened at Bundy Ranch, and nobody else,” Santilli added. “I stand by my decision to go to Bundy Ranch. I stand by my decision to ask for the help that Sheriff Doug Gillespie refused to give. I stand by Cliven Bundy and his family and am proud to do so. The Government failed to protect Cliven Bundy — It failed to protect peaceful protestors — It failed in every way a government could fail and now they blame the people for doing what they [the government] should have done.”

Mr. Santilli also says that things were pretty sensational at Bundy Ranch. Yet, he believed what he was doing by providing coverage via reporting is to be protected under the US Constitution’s First Amendment.

If anyone doubts that the feds were engaged in criminal actions of stifling free speech and the right to peacefully assemble in protest, just check out what happened at Bundy Ranch.

“Having the United States government threatening to kill people is a pretty sensational thing to have happen,” he said. “Was my speech overly urgent? Was my speech offensive? You bet. But the truth is the truth. From the Governor of Nevada down to the Nevada State Representatives, and every politician in between — From Reporters like myself, to Fox News Dennis Michael Lynch — we all saw and reported on the fact that the BLM was out of control and acting outside the constraints of the United States Constitution and threatening to kill people.”

You can read some of the comments of the people that Santilli mentions here.

“I did the right thing at Bundy Ranch — I did the only thing I could do. I did the only thing I knew how to do, and that was as a professional journalist bound by the Constitution, I told the truth about what was happening to that family.”

Indeed Santilli did just that, and so did many others. Not only that, but he also covered much of what took place in Oregon before being arrested for what took place at Bundy Ranch.

While Pete, the Bundys and other political prisoners who are incarcerated currently have stood their ground, Santilli remains steadfast in his resolve to see everything they stood for followed through on.

In a letter I received from Santilli this week, he wrote that he truly believes he is being persecuted for his opinions and relentless pursuit of the truth.

Santilli also said that receiving letters from people is the “highlight of his day.”

Friends, I don’t know if the founding fathers, those that gave their all, many languishing in prison as the War for Independence raged, received the kind of encouragement that we can provide to these men, but I know we have that opportunity. Pete and others need to be encouraged and they need financial support.

If you are so inclined, please consider donating to help Pete at ThePeteSantilliShow.com/donate or write him at:

Peter T. Santilli
Inmate #0000909461
Henderson Detention Center
P.O. Box 95050
Henderson, NV 89009-5050

Article reposted with permission from The Washington Standard.

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Bundy Ranch Reporter & Political Prisoner: The Only Person to blame for the Bundy Ranch Standoff is Daniel P. Love

2 thoughts on “Bundy Ranch Reporter & Political Prisoner: The Only Person to blame for the Bundy Ranch Standoff is Daniel P. Love

  • April 5, 2016 at 7:21 am

    truth doesn’t matter any more and that’s what is wrong here. Govt heads don’t care they have their agenda and are sticking to it to the bitter end. I’ve said peaceful protest is dead, at least for the truth it is. Animal rights no but truth yes it’s dead, but I guess you guys have to play all your cards out.
    I’m not just speaking off the top of my head, I speak from knowing truth Gods truth. Scripture, Prophecy etc… That’s why how I know. History is being made now.

  • April 5, 2016 at 7:44 am

    This will end very very good for Peter Santilli and the Bundy’s.

    Underage children and their parents should be aware. This second video down has some very appropriate righteous indignation allowable use of profane words from God Almighty through His Blessed Servant. So there is some use of some very colorful language that might just hurt your ears. Better some temporal hurt or pain to just your ears then your whole body and entire lives physically and spiritually thrown entirely all away to Hell for the rest of this life and for eternity then also! So all you other Americans,peoples,governments,corporations,Banks and investors! Heads up because some heads are going to roll over the way this one was mishandled by every level government in Oregon as well as the FBI and CIA White House and US and UN Federal Government! And the hammer stroke is going to be heard and felt in every media source in America and around the world except for Peter Santilli,Deb Jordan and that show who was the only person doing his job and the job that very American and every investor needed to hear out there in Oregon what was going on. It still makes me SICK to know and learn now a WHOLE entire month of December 2015 had passed with the Ammon and Ryan Bundy and others supporting peacefully the protest to the Hammond boys arrest by the BLM who charged the Hammonds with terrorism/arson setting fires the Hammonds had obtained legal permits for but which went a little out of control over into Fed claimed lands. So the Bundy’s intervention and peaceful protest along with setting up Constitutional even 1776 style Committees of Safety with the locals,ranchers and land owners who pay their land tax in and around the community of Burns Oregon. Bundy’s were there for an entire month that practically didn’t get any report on it anywhere but only what I found in You Tube reports starting around December 3 2015. So this PRO-first amendment peaceful demonstration had been going on an entire month before they got kicked out of Burns by Judge Grassley who didn’t allow Bundy’s to hold meetings in any place in Burns for even the Burns own people of that community! And no other American and no other national of any other nation bothered reporting on this until the Wildlife refuge occupation and that last fateful 3 weeks. The 4 other weeks prior were almost as if nothing happened. But see that’s what’s incredibly important because all of that and the events with those 4 weeks in Dec 2015 are what led up to that Refuge and then Harney County Resource Center occupation. But nobody but Peter Santilli and his co host Deb were reporting on it. And for that Peter get’s stopped at an unconstitutional road block and then arrested on Oregon State road and then charged with all those trumped up bogus charges from the Feds and interfering with a Federal Wildlife officer. Really? On a DOT state road in Oregon is now Federal Wildlife officer/BLM and Federal Government jurisdiction? No. DOT state roads still remain to be under the identity of maintain their state road status. Even when that states inept Governor Kate Brown asked DOJ’s,FBI.CIA’s and Obama’s White House Federal government’s help. The Feds needed to conduct an arrest with due process included in it of the Feds were going to charge anyone with any Federal offense of any kind? Then that had to be done while any of the accused where on Federal Land or using what was said to be Federal Buildings. The FBI and local law enforcement gave Ammon Bundy their word that Ammon relaid into a You Tube video that the FBI and local law enforcement would not run up on them all or raid them while they were at the Refuge/Resource Center. The FBI lied. They ran up them out in the road while the Bundy’s and Finicum were conducting Refuge/Resource center peaceful protest inform the community of their rights business. So if the Feds had any rights to claim state roads Federal Jurisdiction as soon as that states Government requested or was coerced into Requesting and requiring the FED’s,FBI and CIA’s so called help out there in Oregon with Harney County and the Bundy’s occupation? Then so too does the rights to the Bundy’s and that Harney County Resource Center stand and all envoys going to and from that were also under protections granted that same place that the FBI and local government said they wouldn’t run up on them there at that place. Because there was concern this would be another Ruby Ridge and Waco. Instead FBI lied about it being Oregon state police at that traffic stop/road block/ambush/ murder site of Levoy Finicum. The FBI and local law enforcement including sheriff David Ward lied they wouldn’t attack them. Instead they all did their Ruby Ridge and Waco and attacked them all out on the street. That tells me DOT Oregon state road land had more jurisdiction to the criminal murderous entrapment escalating and provoking confrontation Federal government,law enforcement,Blackstone and killer mercs hired by the will of the corperatists, Banksters and illegitimate investors like Hillary and Bill Clinton. That tells me Oregon state DOT roads had more jurisdiction slanted in the Feds favor then the that Wildlife Refuge converted into Harney County Resource Center had for the FEDS and their operatives at the time of Bundy’s and Pete’s capture and incarceration as well at that same time of Levoys death.

    This will end very very well for the Bundy’s,Peter Santilli ,the American civilians and the peaceful protest supporters.

    If the Feds would have thought they had more advantage slanted to them and their cause legally or not? Then they would have took them all while they were at the Wildlife Refuge before that place became something and someone’s else’s namely We The People’s of Harney County lands and building out there. The Feds knew they lost ground. IE that they lost jurisdiction. It wasn’t because they cared about anyone alive in there who was armed. The Feds and those working for them KNEW they didn’t have jurisdiction as BLM or any Federal officer out at that occupation site that they said was theirs. If it was theirs then they could of just walked in there any time and took it back. But instead wreckless endangering Obstructing Justice Federal State and Local government and law enforcement put every other motorist out on the road’s life in danger and jeopardy because of the insane way out of control bank run corporatist standing army government military operation every person,place and thing all the time is just how they do business. Because they’re North Korea and East Germany style SS and Stazi police who work for Obama,Kate Brown and the Federal Reserve Bank and all of it’s ultra very very bad policy,practice and procedure!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMJhAGe8QtM “Ditto”!


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