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Bullock Boasts A Million-Dollars in Donations on Day One

Using Presidential Race as a Ruse, Bullock Rakes in Cash from Past Pay-to-Play Proponents


K.Renee               NorthWest Liberty News               May 20, 2019





In a fashion true to the nature of political puppet shows, Montana Governor Steve Bullock publicly announced his running for the democratic Presidential candidate in 2020.


As the 22nd contender who’s filed for the 2020 race, Bullock is ranked as the 11th possible choice for the DNRC candidate. His ranking raised seven spots since last week, after he received a sum of one million dollars in donations on his first day of committee collections.


But, big numbers aside, Bullock has no real chance of becoming president in 2020.


And, why would we say that?

Because, when the FEC filings are finally filed and published for this (second) fund-raising round that Bullock’s been on, our bet is that the million dollars originated from political pay-to-play “back payments”.

But, until the committee’s monthly reports are filed and publicly published, that bet is based on only a well-informed intuition, and our observant objurgation of Bullock’s position and past performance. We won’t know exactly who’s corporate check is being cleared by the ‘Bullock-for-President’ posse in charge of his campaign until the FEC puts out that information. And when that happens, we’ll be back to say, “I told you so.”

In the meantime, we’ll offer you a short list of top donors to the “Big Sky Values” PAC, Bullock’s pre-campaign campaign fund, established in 2017. Raising nearly two million since inception, and still holding $200,000 in the bank; the pre-race PAC has spent nearly all of its cash on flights to Iowa and campaign staff salary. The top-funders and their financial interests via linked channels of coercion are as follows:


$45,000 from David Gray, a key financier for the Ziff Brothers. Montana link: Och-Ziff Capital Management, a “re-branding” of sorts, originating from the Ziff Brothers Hedgefund. Och-Ziff is behind big things-like the bankruptcy sale purchase of Big Sky Resort, and Ad Hoc Secured Lender Committee funding behind many Montana mines.


$40,000 from Michelle Locher, the wife of Robert Ziff. Montana link: See previous donor’s Montana link.


$20,000 from Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP, a corporate law firm. Montana link: Currently in litigation, involving a purchase deal of in-state lands, concerning a dispute over shale extraction and property purchase value.


$20,000 from Alexander Phillips, of UBS Capital. Montana link: UBS capital is a majority financier of Northwestern Energy, the power behemoth reigning in Montana state.


$20,000 from Samuel Byrne, of Crossharbor Capital Partners. Montana link: The Bozeman Chronicle calls Sam “the baron of Big Sky”, claiming he holds the development of  27,700 acres of Montana land under his power alone.


I wonder who’s names we’ll see on the top five donors of Bullock’s new campaign?


We’ll have a report following up on this article. Make sure to check back!

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