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Breaking the Silence: Internationally Known Women’s Advocate Joins the Fight to Stop Human Trafficking in Montana

james white               NorthWest Liberty News               March 11, 2019



A dark, oppressive and Satanic disease has infected humanity; it’s influence not limited to borders, economics, nationality or gender.  Although the majority of those infected with the disease are adults, the horrors wrought by its effects are felt hardest by those most vulnerable…our children.

The disease I’m referring to is called Human Trafficking and, more specifically, Satanic Ritualistic Abuse.

It can be said that the character of a nation is judged by the way it treats those in the population who are weaker or less fortunate.  The elderly, the disabled, the homeless and especially our children come to mind as those who would qualify.

I cannot say for sure if that is a true statement or not, but I can say that I agree with the concept.

Sadly, our nation’s children have become nothing more than commodities for those who angle to do evil, or those looking to pad their bank accounts.  Whether it is the sale of dissected body parts by Planned Parenthoodthe trafficking of children via the nation’s foster care system or whether it be a judge selling kids outright from behind the bench, there can be no denying the horrors children face in today world.

Let us not forget perhaps the greatest offender of all, Child Protective Services.  CPS has been responsible for dividing more families and ruining more lives than I can fit on 10 articles.  As a side note, I am working right now with an agency that is going to put me in touch with families who have been victimized by CPS, so I can interview them and get their story out to the public.

I know all of this may sound bleak, but let not your heart be troubled.  There are tremendously dedicated forces of good who are aware of the issues regarding the sexual abuse, and even murder, of thousands and thousands of innocent lives each year, and these people are united and determined to stamp out the scourge of Human Trafficking and Satanic Ritualistic Abuse once and for all.

NorthWest Liberty News, through my undercover investigator Candace Whitelight, has corresponded and granted an interview with an internationally known expert on Satanic Ritualistic Abuse, Laura Eisenhower.  Laura has counseled many victims of SRA, and she is keenly aware of the level of dark depravity practiced by the abusers.  Laura joined me on the interview linked below and has made a public declaration to assist myself and Candace in destroying evil here in Montana.

I have been covering the topic of the Foster Care System, the CPS and Human Trafficking a lot lately, so in an effort to get you caught-up I have included links to the videos I have produced so far on the topic below.  My latest interview of Laura Eisenhower is the video at the very bottom.


Here is the interview that kicked it all off.  Keith and Raye Newmeyer linked up with me from the Capitol Building in Helena, Montana.





Here is a sad video to watch.  You can feel the pain from Debbie Westlake right through the lens.





In this video, Montana Legislator, Rodney Garcia steps up and goes big against the CPS.  After Rodney was pressed by the local rags, he stood tall and didn’t back down on his statements in this video.  Way to go Rodney!




The video below is my latest interview with my undercover investigator, Candace Whitelight.  She breaks some bombshell news on this one!




Here is my interview with Great-Granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Laura Eisenhower.




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