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Breaking News: Eyewitness Account of Bundy Takedown – Updated

Audio testimony of Victoria Sharp, who was in the vehicle ambushed by the Feds, and who watched La Voy Finicum get shot with his hands in the air!

I received a call late last night from a trusted friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, who had just got off of the phone with his friend, Victoria Sharp. He was obviously moved as he spoke to me, as his friend Victoria Sharp was in the vehicle ambushed by the FBI last evening; an ambush that resulted in the arrest of Ammon Bundy, and the death of patriot, La Voy Finicum.

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For now, I will not add my personal commentary on this matter, but instead let the eyewitness testimony of someone who is probably grateful to still be living about now do the talking. Our prayers go out to the family of La Voy Finicum who, as you will hear, was shot down like a dog with his hands in the air. After he fell, they pumped up to 6 more rounds into him for good measure.
To hear Victoria Sharp’s testimony, I have linked to my friend’s YouTube channel below and have uploaded the interview to create a podcast which you can also listen to below.

UPDATED – Click HERE for the transcript of the audio recording


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