The Calvary decided to show up in Cleveland, Ohio, where the Republican National Convention is taking place.

But this time, not on horses.

Thousands of patriots riding motorcycles waving American flags decided to take on any violent protesters and protect convention goers from expected violence caused by George Soros’s Move On “activists.”

The pictures of their arrival are remarkable:

have said that the tens of thousands of those coming to Cleveland from all over America will “build a wall of ‘MEAT’ between protesters & the cops/delegates.”

And they’re having fun while they are there:

bikers for trump


cleveland biker

Why were they so concerned? Because they knew the orchestrator behind the domestic terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, and violent protests everywhere, are being funded by George Soros.

Article posted with permission from Article by Bethany Blankley.

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#Bikers4Trump: What the Media May Not Be Reporting about Cleveland

One thought on “#Bikers4Trump: What the Media May Not Be Reporting about Cleveland

  • July 21, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Please note: It is “cavalry,” not “Calvary.” The first is a term for soldiers mounted on horseback (or camels on occasion). The second is the Christian term for the place of Christ’s crucifixion. Neither term is particularly appropriate for a group of bikers mounted on motorcycles, but I would suggest at least making an appropriate correction.


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