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Big Spending Former Senator Jim DeMint Promotes Balanced Budget Amendment & Article V Con-Con

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 12: Former Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., president of the Heritage Foundation, delivers opening remarks during the Heritage Action for America's second annual Conservative Policy Summit at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on Monday, Jan. 12, 2015. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Former US Senator from South Carlina and former president of The Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint has been held up by conservatives as something of a poster boy for conservatism, but his record is anything but that.  Now, he is pushing for a Balanced Budget Amendment via an Article V convention to allegedly fix all that big spending that he was a part of during his time in office.

DeMint was in Greenville, South Carolina on Monday evening to encourage people to back a BBA and an Article V convention.

The majority of DeMint’s speech was captured by Evan Mulch of the John Birch Society and posted on his Facebook page.

Mulch has been at the forefront of warning South Carolinians on the dangers of an Article V convention, pushing to get us out of the United Nations and educating people on the US Constitution.

For those who thought DeMint was a conservative, Mulch reminds us of the things in his record during his time as a US senator.

Did you know that as a Congressman he voted for gun control, corporate welfare, HUD expansion, subsidizing private insurance companies that provide Medicare prescription drug plans, foreign aid giveaways, 2003 Omnibus, the Export-Import Bank, the Patriot Act, to extend aid that repudiates free-market principles, Trade Promotion Authority in order to pass the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) that George W. Bush wanted complete, No Child Left Behind, aid to UN agencies and programs notorious for promoting abortion, additional aid the FDIC, additional funding the National Science Foundation, to prop up communism in China, to keep membership in the WTO, to fund United Nations “Peacekeeping” Wars, to aid Asian elephant habitat, to place local and state law enforcement under federal supervision, to go to war with Iraq without a proper declaration, to not defund US participation in the United Nations.

“In other words, Jim DeMint was fiscally irresponsible when he served as a Congressman and now he wants us all to join him in balancing the out-of-control federal budget that he helped create by being a big spending unprincipled Congressman,” Mulch commented.

“I hope that South Carolinians remain vigilant against these con artists that are calling for an Article V so-called Convention of States,” he added.

Yes, me too.

We have warned both of an Article V constitutional convention and the trap of a BBA.

The simplest way to a balanced budget in central government is to stick to constitutional spending.

Former presidential candidate Michael Peroutka put it this way, “The Constitution clearly says that Congress can only tax and spend money for certain things. These things are contained in Article One and Section 8 of the document. If this prohibition on spending isn’t clear enough, our founders added the Tenth Amendment, which even more clearly says that if a power was not specifically delegated to the federal government it is reserved to the States or to the people.”

He then adds, “If we could just limit the Congress and the President and the Courts to the lawful activities listed in the Constitution, there would be no spending problem—and no deficit.”

“If Congress won’t follow the plain, clear, unambiguous spending limitations in Article One Section Eight, what makes you think a Balanced Budget Amendment would make them behave?” he concluded.

Peroutka is not the only one who has spoken out on a BBA.

Constitutional scholar and former JAG officer Publius Huldah has written numerous articles against an Article V Con-Con and the Balanced Budget Amendment, which include:

I’ve previously addressed our representatives in South Carolina as they heard from Article V proponent Michael Farris and I told them the following:

John Adams said that our Constitution was for a religious and moral people and that it was wholly inadequate to govern any other people. At that time, we were Christian.

George Washington in his famous farewell address said that no one could rightly call themselves a patriot if they sought to remove the indispensable pillars of religion and morality.  Indeed!  But whose morality?  Whose religion?

I contest that America has abandoned her God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and has in His place substituted the government which has grown into a tyrannical beast as part of the judgment of God.  Look around and see the wickedness of our nation.  That will not be solved with amendments.

It will be solved when the Church first repents of her sin and those in government, who are a part of the Church, recognize their duty to God, the protection of those that do good and the punishment of evil doers according to Romans 13:1-5.

The answer is not an Article V convention which leftists, socialists and communists have been trying to bring about for more than 5 decades.  The answer, I would humbly submit, is that we return and make our actions those that conform to “one nation under God,” the God of the Bible, holding up His law, His punishments, and His justice.

Then we will again know what it is to rejoice under the leadership of the righteous.  For now we are a people suffering under the wicked.

We have abandoned God’s law, and as William Penn rightly said:

“Men will either be ruled by god or be ruled by tyrants.”

Or as G K Chesterton aptly put it:

“If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments, they shall be governed by the ten thousand commandments.”

I oppose an Article V convention based on the historical record that we have had an amendment convention that resulted in an entirely new constitution and abandoned the mention of Christianity explicitly, with new parameters for ratification.  I oppose it because amendments are not an answer to tyranny:  justice and the return to the cries of the revolutionary period of “no King but King Jesus” are.

Christian pastor and author of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates,  Matt Trewhella, echoed my sentiments when he spoke to his representatives in opposition to an Article V Convention.

“We all know what you intend to do here – to spend years creating yet another piece of paper to only to have it trampled by yet another federal court, impugned by yet another Congress, or rolled over by yet another executive order from the President of the united States,” Trewhella began.  “This federal government has spent decades trampling the Constitution. Your piece of paper with new words added to the Constitution, or a completely new Constitution, would be trampled yet again – as the current Constitution has been trampled.”

“What you are doing here with this bill is designed to give the impression that you are doing something – while you do nothing,” he chided.  “You possess the lawful authority, the right, and the duty to interpose against the federal government now – without creating yet another piece of paper.”

Trewhella went on to point to the real motivation behind the move, money.

“You chance a convention of the states for a mere balanced budget amendment? Over mere money?” he asked.

“Our nation’s monetary problems are the result of our moral problems,” Trewhella pointed out as he got to the root of the problem.  “This federal government slaughters the preborn and you bow to it. They pervert marriage and you bend over and take it. And yes, you will submit to their filth and injustice when they declare that boys must be allowed in girl’s shower rooms.”

He then pointed the finger to the lack of conviction in dealing with the problem.

“This federal government picks our pockets and spends massive amounts of money on unconstitutional departments and programs – and yet the states allow them to do it,” he thundered.  “In fact, the states participate in the plundering. Like a whore, the states have been bought off. The states have acquiesced to this mugging. The states have given up political authority so that they can obtain mere money from the federal beast. Such an arrangement encourages state legislatures to be more interested in doing the bidding of their federal master than they are in doing what is right for the people in the sight of God.”

Trewhella, like the prophets of old, spoke plainly about what the states are engaged in.

“What you do here is designed to give cover to that collusion in “why” we have a federal government that spends unconstitutionally,” he said.  “Such treachery is laid plain to many of us here. Such obfuscation is apparent. You believe your duty, gentlemen, by proffering yet another piece of paper.”

“You have a duty to maintain this state’s authorities, rights, and liberties,” Trewhella reminded the members of the committee.  “Your duty is interposition. Stop taking the money! Quit recognizing as legitimate the unconstitutional spending. Quit recognizing as legitimate the unconstitutional departments, programs, and mandates. End your collusion. You claim the federal government is out of control – quit aiding and abetting them in their unconstitutional actions. Quit hiding behind the lie that “the federal government has made a mandate – all we can do is obey” – along with the other common song ‘the federal courts have ruled – all we can do is obey.’ Confront the tyrant!”

Trewhella then concluded his comments, “As a minister in this state for 29 years now, I wholeheartedly oppose this attempt to make Wisconsin yet another state of fools calling for an Article 5. You possess lawful authority. Quit hiding behind this skirt and interpose against a federal government that has long broken the chains of the Constitution meant to bind it down.  That is what is needed and necessary!”

I could not agree more!

Beware of those calling those using conservative rhetoric but betray it and those they serve in their actions.

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