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Big Sky Battle with Agenda 21

Landmark Agenda 21 Bill faces strong opposition in Montana

Big Sky Battle
The state of Montana has much to offer. Huge skies, glorious peaks, abundant water, world-class wildlife and an attitude reminiscent of the Old West. Unfortunately, Montana is also home to those who would willfully allow the UN mandated, Agenda 21 program to take a foothold here.
Former, current and future legislators have banded together for a Big Sky Battle against Agenda 21. Two such individuals joined Jason and myself LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show. Former legislator, Dan Happel and future legislator, Mark Perea have both done yeomen’s work in defense of our individual liberties, and both have been instrumental in introducing a bill to block Agenda 21. They both joined us recently as the battle for Montana, and the rights of its citizens, rages in the Montana State Legislature.

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