In seeking the release of Cliven Bundy on Tuesday, Attorney Joel Hansen referred to Bundy as a “political prisoner” and said the government does not want to release him for fear it would lose if the case is ever heard before a jury.

Yes, friends, the Fifth Amendment seems pretty clear to me here:

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

There were no bombs used, guns fired or credible threats made by Cliven Bundy. Did he say he would stand on his principles? Yes, absolutely, but the man is being kept in solitary confinement in prison without bail, like many of the men who were involved at the Bundy Ranch siege two years ago. For two years these men were free. Did they engage in anything that was a crime? Were they a threat to the community? Nope. Yet, the majority of them cannot get bail, something that is offered to various people who engage in all sorts of criminal behavior.

In filing paperwork on Tuesday, Hansen referred to Bundy as a “political prisoner.” Though the judge that decided to keep him in jail back in February after his arrest in Oregon declared that he was both “lawless and violent,” no evidence has been presented to substantiate those claims.

“The government seems to be afraid that it might lose in a jury trial, so it wants to keep him in prison, in solitary confinement, as long as it can because he, like Nelson Mandela, is a political prisoner,” Hansen wrote. “There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution allowing the federal government to hold political prisoners without a trial. Nothing.”

I don’t know if that is a good thing to write. After all, Mandela engaged in actual terrorism. He was not a freedom fighter. He was a totalitarian

However, here is the more pressing issue that Hansen brings up in his filing.

“Does Mr. Bundy have the right to raise a constitutional question about the legality of the high-handed tactics of the BLM?” Hansen asked. “Of course he does — and particularly by making statements about the actions of the BLM and by the exercise of people’s First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and the people’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”‘

Review Journal adds:

Hansen likened the armed Bunkerville standoff with law enforcement on April 12, 2014, to the Revolutionary War battles at Bunker Hill, Concord and Lexington between American patriots and the British.

He also argued that no one from Bundy’s side ever fired a weapon or assaulted a federal officer and that the only acts of violence in Bunkerville were committed by federal agents.

“The government has seemingly put together a strong case against Mr. Bundy, but when it is seen for what it really is, it is a collection of unsupported allegations, inconceivable innuendos, bald assertions and unproven allegations,” Hansen wrote.

This is important to note. The only shots that actually occurred came from the Oregon State Police and the FBI in the cold-blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum. Not one protester fired their weapons. Even at Bundy Ranch, it was only federal agents that tasered law-abiding citizens, killed cattle and infringed on their right to peacefully protest and address their government for grievances.

However, the claims of the government being scared to actually go to court against Cliven Bundy have their roots in a April 2014 Bureau of Land Management claim that they are worried that Bundy may just have prescriptive rights and that his defense may just use that should his case see the inside of a courtroom.

In addition to Bundy, Jerry DeLemus, an American veteran who headed Donald Trump’s campaign, was also ordered to continue to be detained after entering a plea of not guilty for charges he also faces that stem from the Bundy Ranch siege.

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Attorney Files for Cliven Bundy to be Released: Claims Govt Afraid of Losing to “Political Prisoner” in Jury Trial

2 thoughts on “Attorney Files for Cliven Bundy to be Released: Claims Govt Afraid of Losing to “Political Prisoner” in Jury Trial

  • April 8, 2016 at 7:58 am

    This government overreach mirrors the British Government’s activities
    that was one of the reasons for the American Revolution.

    One thing more I must ad is that the Revolution was not for the reasons we have been taught.
    The American Revolution was fought
    to stop the British Government from stopping the colonists
    from using their own coin for trade and forcing them to use
    the Bank of England’s paper money.

    That is what is going on now with the terrorists in the Middle East and the US threatening war with Russia and China. What has changed? Only the cast of characters. It is the United States instead of the British Government forcing the use of its non redeemable in gold paper dollars.

    What is the same? The Rothschild family controlled the Bank of England and it controls the Federal Reserve Bank.
    The countries mentioned won’t use the US non redeemable in gold’s paper money issued by the Federal Reserve Bank.
    And Russia and China have substituted– for the US non redeemable, in gold dollars, paper dollar
    which they must buy from the US treasury and pay interest –the Russian ruble and Chinese Yuan

    The Bundy family gathered together the militia from across the states to stop the Bureau of Land Management, a Government agency, from over stepping the chains of the Constitution that restrain it. This militia power represents the gathering together of the colonists revolting against British Bank of England’s paper money system.
    Interesting that the British government fought a war(s) for the Rothschild family’s Bank of England in the late 1700s. Will the US Government, which is forcing the use of Rothschild family’s bank’s paper currency upon US citizens, fight another war for the Rothschild family’s Federal Reserve Bank ( of the United States) in the early 2000s? Yes this family is still in banking! People in the family die but the family survives passing down from generation to generation its terrorist tactics.

  • April 8, 2016 at 8:49 am

    If NDAA 2012 had not first been practiced for years in America by criminal mafia government and then passed into law? Even though NDAA 2012 is impostor law even in light of MARBURY vs MADISON makes NDAA 2012 null and void to the American citizens. And or also if this was not an election year for a new President of the US or President of the Bank run UN-United States,USA Inc. that currently has become entirely offshore Bank run even through unaudited,unaccountable,illegal,immoral including but not limited to the Federal Reserve Banking and it’s mega Ultra Bad policies? Then the Bundy’s would not be help as the political prisoners as they are.

    Like Cliven Bundy said years ago. If he owes per head of cattle? Then he owes it to the State of NEVADA. Not the Federal Government/BLM/Forest service etc Federal level. Cliven Bundy always wanted to have his day in court. And now he will get that and his trial by jury because those men have no reason at all to take any plea bargain. That’s not what they,their lands and rights to land and water use for their cattle, and that’s not what their and our Mighty God is all about!

    So of course theses matters of “prescriptive rights will come up before a Jury. And now since Obama’s criminal run away government basically kid napped Cliven Bundy soon as he stepped of the plane in Oregon? Now Federal Ferrel hog Government and it’s Bank at least to date has somehow managed to remove that ability and Constitutional right of American citizen Cliven and his sons to be tried by jury of their own peers back in Nevada.
    And because the Bundy’s never got to have their day in court to argue their case back in Nevada? Now that’s also the State of Oregon’s problem now also. So who and what State in the US is next who won’t do these land surface rights issues justice for any of their Americans in any other State also?

    Because all that needs to happen is have the Federal Government who swore oaths to uphold and protect the US Constitution and then doesn’t do that? And then they force the states to do as they say and do also. And then the Feds will always hope to hang onto this monstrosity political putrid smelling after-birth as long it’s able to. And it will keep spreading from State to State to State within the United States until state level courts hold these matters in their OWN courts before each of their OWN juries!

    The States will each have to exercise their Constitutional rights to succeed from the Union/Federal Government and White House also if anyone but a Donald J Trump get’s into that office as next POTUS.

    It’s really gotten that bad that the states WILL SURLY have to do that! And or it will only get ALOT worse and more and more of these land rights issues will keep on popping up by the citizens or because of the US Federal Government all over the United States. Until they are properly seen for what they really are. A states rights issue. Not a Federal Government issue because the Federal Government was never allowed to own US land other then what the US Constitution clearly says. Which was what Ammon Bundy was always quoting from and educating the locals of what their Constitutional Rights always were and still are in the US. And for that and that alone is why this illegitimate impostor POTUS Democratic Obama put all these people in prison. Because what they were saying and doing didn’t fit that scum tyrant out of the White House’s OWN personal agenda for the Americans and America.

    And that one man would not have been able to even arrest and imprison the Hammond boys as they did if the Pulpits in America had stood for and spoke up for ALL the truth of the Word of God,promises of God and Covenants of God even down through Hebrew civil law,the Magna Carta and then also our US Constitution,Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

    Get the Mormons church of latter day saints to preach just one message on that “Alter or Abolish” part of the American citizens DUTY to perform when these evils that Big Governments and Big Banks funding them consonantly perform. Yes inDEED! Let the Mormon Christian church preach just one message of what our founding fathers and framers to the Constitution wrote into law and duty of ALL the American people and ALL the American peoples governments every level and ALL the American peoples institutions also! Let them preach one sermon on “Altering or Abolishing” this current form of out of control,unaccountable,lawless,criminal,out right evil Federal Government and Bank/Mammon run State governments! Let them preach just one message on that topic. Or as GOD is my Witness “altering and abolishing” is what will eventually be happening to them and their churches,peoples,pastors,shepherds and goat leaders!

    So someone is scared the real honest to God truth will come out? You better be scared! Because it WILL come out and COME OUT FULLY COMPLETELY!!! And for that Peter Santilli was arrested and imprisoned as a political prisoner that had all kinds of his civil rights violated by Federal,State and Local governments in the US and In Harney County Oregon.

    When you file at the DOJ civil rights discrimination lawsuits against elected and appointed officials in Government and or their offices also? And when they do nothing for you on your case but maybe perhaps use that evidence you provide them at DOJ for them to extort goods,services,votes or favors for any of their personnel and their interests? Then what international court of at least basic human civil rights violations do file your case/s and or charges against other persons,places or things in or with?

    There in lies a major problem and massive flaw in World Government by and through the Bank and mammon. There are those who want to rule the world. Others who want to help them rule the world. But virtually nobody anywhere willing to do any of it right/righteously,judicially,legally or lawfully most anywhere.

    So the ironic thing is that what you have now in World Governance is a like a pack of wild wolves taking over whatever and whoever they want. They want to be the society,courts and institutions or foundations from which all must have to come and grovel to. But they really don’t want to truly govern anyone or anything. They want to wreck it all. And now especially the NWO controllers want to wreck and ruin everything for everyone if they can’t have have their way. Which ironically like I said already. Their way in Global Government/NWO/Big Banks and Big Governments is always about wrecking and ruining everyone and everything in life already anyway. So everyone may as well keep on telling them all TO GO TO HELL all on their own! And that you’ll take your chances without them and their ways in your life,state or governments and institutions!!! That’s the only way through this with the least loss of lives and least loss of property,least loss or wealth physically,materially,socially and spiritually. That and this is the Only Way,Truth and Life out there for anyone whosoever is willing to be obedient to God first and foremost before being obedient to whatever and whoever’s man and mans fu#ked up system in out there they call government and governance,court,justice,due process,human rights even guided by the UN etc.
    James 4:7 HCSB
    “Therefore, submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.”

    That is God’s Promise to whosoever in these last days we’re all living in.

    US Federal Government at least under NWO tyrant Obama/BLM and US Forestry services have become an inherently evil Devil based Demonically governed entity. And so according to God’s Word and His Promise there. And because it is impossible for God to lie. Who and what is MOST evil,MOST lawless,MOST recklessly endangering,Obstructing Justice,Falsifying evidence,suppressing evidence and who has already had the Biggest History track record of destruction to persons and property MUST BE FIRMLY RESISTED EVEN SOME MORE FULL SPECTRUM AMERICA and the rest of the World by EVERY NATION tribe and tongue of people out there!!!

    Freedom Rules!

    Same as Light always Overcomes Darkness!

    Freedom and Liberty Rules Ultimately and is Sovereign and Rules over all those other person,places or things also whether they are willingly or unwillingly in Bondage,slavery or servitude. Freedom and Liberty is always MASTER and always RULER and is always Conqueror! Because Freedom and Liberty is not just Light but it’s also LIGHT and Way of Creator God now through The Lord Jesus Christ to all people,every nation and all creation no matter where any lives or dies. They are and so also We are Ruler over even death and death government mismanagement governing via crisis. And not just Master and Ruler of that and just our preference/s,God’s for us or whatever. But also of that which has more emphasis and more blessing and more fruit then death we Rule Sovereign and Supremely with Life,in Life and Through all Life even from Yehsua Christ’s Own Life that He gave us also. So that we might live ABUNDANTLY full and MEANINGFUL now on earth and bye and bye also when any of us and our life’s work is done here.

    Mark my words and Mark them well. Cliven Bundy’s solitary confinement is excessive over use of force and abuse. To His person,His Creator God and the rest of the Body of Christ. And not just Cliven’s body and life which all belongs to God. But everyone who is wrongfully incarcerated as a political prisoner also. I was basically NDAA’s 2012 back in 2010. I too was a political prison under Obama and the Bank run US prison Industrial System. And I came out of that not reeducated as they had hoped to do to me. I came away from that better educated. Much better educated,more informed,more awakened,more Quickened in the Holy Spirit,more Alive,More ready,willing and able to crush evil and evil doers too. And some of that same thing is going to happen to every one of these who has had their rights violated also. They too will come back stronger,more informed,less stupid and more refined. And if they come and and through it with Jehovah God and Christ saying and doing exactly what they want them to in open court with or without any attorney who at some point might even have to be fired in open court so ALL the Truth can be said and come out? Then they too just like me will come away from any of it even if they seem to loose on paper and in courts or men for the time being. They too if they do as I did will literately also walk away from it all with that same feeling that a literal and spiritual glorious Crown was placed on my head. Their heads can have at least one mighty Crown from my same great God also if they are most obedient to HIM and what HE wants from them through them and then also back for them who are also ultimately God’s own political prisoners also because God ALONE is/and in Solitary S/self or P/place also is S/sovereign, instead of what the courts,lawyers,judges and human,corporate and bank governments usually want and go for which is always what opposes God,Life,Liberty,Truth,Light etc. But light I said light from God or for God is even always greater then any other form of evil Darkness.

    They will all sooner or later know when they must leave God’s people alone to do their thing. And then they might even do as my great state has already done for me and my little village in keeping it and us all the more safe. They have at least doubled the State police patrol cars who drive up and down our little road here in the middle of nowhere. And not only that. But they now also don’t just have one good policeman in each of their cars but each cruiser carries two officers now. In a normal world and at a normal time I would say that’s overkill and somewhat abusive and entrapment having them just drive back and forth from one end of town to the other spending so much time and resources in just this one little place or something like population 700. But we’re also on main Canadian Highway road state side. So whatever can come through our little village via truck,car or train could also be detrimental to our way of life and living way out here. Normally I’d say that would be excessive presence of Federalized state police force from what I just observed. But I’m going to say that so far it’s acceptable at least until Obama is OTTA there! Thank you for more hired guns for me and my defense and preservation and protection. And for my village and town government who only takes cash here also. Thank you Governor LePage,Obama and The Banks Central or not for financing all this wonderful protection. Now I know you care about me.

    Now you just need the Establishment State Hamen hangman to honor Mordecai in like manner also and send armed police escorts for the Bundy’s or whoever desires to take their place there in Oregon or anywhere else in the United States doing that same thing when they want to speak at their next meeting with the towns sheriff even. You know. Continuity of Care. I love it! We aren’t just saying it. We ARE taking back OUR Country!!! And unfortunately there are both bond-men and freed-men in Christ. So have fun with that all no matter what you are currently,will be or might be. Keeping in mind no man and no government of man or institution or foundation or corporation of man is ever able to do a darn hing about this too,”WHOM THE SON SETS FREE WILL BE FREE (and REMAIN FREE unhindered MUCH BETTER by ANY or all opposition including evil and greater Sinners NEXT TIME ALSO) InDEED!!!”

    🙂 And you can take that to the BANK of Whosoever Wheresoever for Whatsoever,everything and nothing also. haha,lol,HAHA,LOL!!!! 🙂


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