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A Time to Heal: Misha Needs Your Help

My good friend, and local Montanan, Kevin Moore reaches out to get help for the love of his life, Misha; a 20-year old Lynx who Kevin has raised from her infancy.

A Time to Heal

There is a saying out there, although it has taken various forms, that highlights the idea of doing something in life that is bigger than yourself. I’m certain that most readers are likely familiar with the phrase in which I am referring; if not, surely one can grasp the general concept. My good friend, Kevin Moore, may not be familiar with the phrase specifically, but he has certainly grasped the concept.

Kevin Moore, as I stated, is someone who I consider a good friend. Kevin has, like many of us, seen his share of failure; however, he has also seen times in life of great success. For example, few people know, although it was years ago, that Kevin held the Guinness World Record for Sit-ups in one minute, or that Kevin has attained the status of “Master” in the art of Ju-Jitsu. This article, however, is not about Kevin Moore. It is about his friend, Misha, her struggle, and Kevin’s wish that despite all of Misha’s challenges, now, for her, it be a time to heal.

It has been said that time is our most valuable asset. I would tend to agree since we, of course, can’t just manufacture more of it. We may, on occasion, pause to take notice of times fleeting nature, however when faced with the demise of someone close to you, especially someone who you love and consider family, time often becomes our enemy.

For those of you, like me, who have lived through such a period in life, my words should hit home. Although time cannot be manufactured, we can “buy” more of it depending on the circumstances. That concept is why I am writing this article today.

To Kevin Moore, Misha, pictured above, is considered a daughter. Since Kevin does not have children of his own, Misha has filled that role for Kevin for over 20 years now. Misha has suffered with Cancer for some time, and needs expensive medical treatment to continue her life. Kevin needs your help to get the medical attention that Misha needs.

I have set up a Go Fund Me account for Kevin to make it easy for anyone reading this to help. I will link to the account below. Also linked below is a video that I produced for Kevin to help the overall cause. How much does this man love his “daughter,” Misha? Perhaps you will get a good idea in the video below.

You can contribute at Go Fund Me by clicking HERE


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