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Picking the Lock on the Shackles of Tyranny ®

Kalispell, Montana is under a state of emergency, but it appears that the city plans to open the water park this summer


james white               NorthWest Liberty News               April 20, 2020



As reported by this news outlet last week, the City of Kalispell remains under a “state of emergency,” ; a decision made by the Kalispell City Council 2 weeks ago.

Although the ordinance passed by the City Council gave the City Manager police state powers, he has not exercised them so far.  In fact, things might be looking up.

Earlier today, I went for a walk at Woodland Park; a park which is close to my studio in Kalispell, Montana.

As I approached the Woodland Water Park area, it appeared that I heard water flowing at a fairly rapid pace.  Much to my delight, I was correct.

As I examined the pool more closely, it was obvious that the water I heard running was filling up the “lazy river” section of the water park.

I whipped out my phone and produced a short video of the water in the pool.  The video is linked below.

With the world seemingly turned upside down, it’s good to see some things, perhaps, are going back to normal.





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