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A Nation in Peril: The Agenda 21 Takeover

A Nation in Peril

As I have stated previously, one of the greatest benefits of hosting a radio show is the opportunity to speak to some of the most informed people in not only Alternative Media, but anywhere in America. Although we have been blessed to have interviewed such high caliber guests on numerous occasions, rarely do we have two such individuals on live at the same time. However, as the video below will reveal, we enjoyed that exact scenario recently when we spoke to Agenda 21 expert, Dan Happel; while Pastor Charles Dowell co-hosted the broadcast with yours truly, as Jason was unavoidably detained.

Dan Happel and Pastor Dowell are no strangers to The Liberty Brothers Radio Show. Both gentlemen have appeared numerous times on the broadcast, and the video that I produced of Dan Happel’s recent Agenda 21 presentation is one of the best of its kind anywhere; as Dan’s information is rock-solid accurate . Truly, these are two men who really know their stuff.

As the UN mandated, Agenda 21 blueprint is quickly being adopted and implemented in States and Municipalities across this country, is it accurate to describe America as a Nation in peril? For me, the question is self-evident.

The moral decay in America is becoming pretty hard to ignore, and with the majority of American’s minds focused on just about anything besides Personal Liberty and Natural Rights, programs like Agenda 21, Common Core, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and others have enjoyed mainstream success. Sure, there are a small minority of those who love liberty that recognize the criminals for who they really are; but, sadly, most Americans do not have a clue.

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