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Montana’s Natural Living Man, back in MT court again, 2016


Yesterday in the small mountain town of Eureka, MT.  ernie wayne tertelgte, “Montana’s Natural Living Man”, whom has made a name for himself by challenging the Montana State Court systems authority and jurisdiction on several occasions. He has returned to once again do legal battle with the State of Montana. Before walking into the court house Ernie laid out for a small group of, the case he has put together that according to him, proves that the state does not have the jurisdiction to stop, arrest or ticket him for driving with out a license. You can see in the video below the evidence he offers in his case.

The actual court proceedings were fairly short as Ernie refused to enter the court room due to the fact that the room did not include a “bar” the small fence and gate you usually see in larger court rooms. He requested that the judge come meet him in the waiting room where the group of supporters had gathered. But she refused, so Ernie left the court house. You can see the video of this interaction below.

after contacting the court house in Eureka this morning I can confirm that a warrant has been issued for Ernie for failure to appear on a driving on suspended license. I will keep you updated as new information comes forward.


Jason Van Tatenhove

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