Author and educator, G. Edward Griffin joins me to discuss the Federal Reserve and it’s dark history.



James White                NorthWest Liberty News                January 1, 2019

There is perhaps no other US Government supported agency more responsible for the economic downfall of the United States than the Federal Reserve. And don’t think for one minute that because the beer in the fridge is cold and Oprah reruns have doubled on cable that all is well and that our economy is booming; because I assure you that is not the case.



The United States has admitted to having over 20T Dollars in debt, but there is over 120T in unfunded liabilities that rarely ever get reported. To me, that’s not a successful economic policy, and a harbinger for economic collapse. But how did we get so far afield from the goals of our Founding Fathers? We went away from the US Constitution and granted the ability to print and coin money to a private organization, the Federal Reserve Bank.

G.Edward Griffin is widely known as an expert on all things Federal Reserve.  As the chatter about the FED and it’s possible demise has accelerated, I wanted to have Ed on to educate those new to the awakening and to help explain that the FED is not federal and has no reserves.


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Will the Federal Reserve Fall in 2019?
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