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Veteran California radio host, Paul Preston visited paradise, CA after the Campfire and noticed that houses without Smart-Meters were not burned down.  Could the unthinkable be true?



Sadly, by now we have all witnessed the almost complete devastation of life and property as a result of the recent California fires.  The haunting photos are eerily reminiscent of those we have seen in areas like Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Japan after the release of the Atomic Bomb.  Yes, in some parts of California the devastation was that complete.

The brunt of the blame for the fire seems to be balanced between California’s main energy supplier, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and mismanagement of the forest by California state agencies.  However, there could be a more sinister reason that only selected houses burned to the ground and while others close by, even right next-door in some cases, were not even touched by fire.

Paul Preston is the nationally recognized host of Agenda 21 Radio.  Paul and I have been friends for years, and have spoken more times than I can count.  I can always rely on Paul to give me the inside scoop on the Communist State of California.  Paul is telling me that there is something highly unusual about the recent “Campfire” in California and Smart-Meters may have played a role.

Please take time to listen to the important update below from Paul Preston who is broadcasting from behind enemy lines inside California


Paul Preston with Agenda 21 Radio has been ranked among the annual list of 50 most-listened-to talk radio shows streamed on the Internet.

Paul Preston made the “Power 50” list of Talk Stream Live, that was released on Monday which drew from a sample of 11.6 million Internet listener sessions during 2016 to compile the listing of “The 50 Most Influential and Most Listened-To Streaming Talk Show Hosts.”

Radio giant Michael Savage came in at number one on the “Power 50” list, evidencing Savage’s enormous following among Internet listeners in addition to his top terrestrial radio ratings.

Preston’s program, Agenda 21 Radio is streamed live over Red State Talk Radio Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to Noon EST. Then broadcast on terrestrial along with streamed radio on KMYC 1410 am & 104.3 fm “The Patriot” from Marysville / Sacramento, CA, Monday thru Fridays 7:00 to 10:00 pm PST. Agenda 21 Radio came in at No. 42 on the Internet “power” rankings. Agenda 21 Radio beat out major national shows that broadcast three hours a day, five days a week.





The Unthinkable: Did Burned Out California Homes ALL have Smart-Meters in Common?
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