Is President Trump Going to Disband the BLM?

Donald Trump


(Kalispell, MT) In 2016, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump penned an article for the Reno Gazette Journal outlining, in his words, the draconian tactics used by the BLM, especially in Nevada.

In Nevada, the lack of enforcement of immigration laws and the draconian rule of the BLM are damaging the economy, lowering the standard of living and inhibiting natural economic growth. – Donald Trump Jan. 2016

I go over the article in the brief video below.  You can link to the original article and read it for yourself by clicking HERE.


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  1. Dennis and I opposed the BLM, for twenty years, when educated by Janine Hansen, Lynn Chapman and other Independent American Party members! We watched the goons kill Desert tortoises, send wild horses and mules to their deaths, and harass ranchers, as Wayne Haag, the Dan Sisters, Holmgren Family, Ben Colvin (his cows were stolen), Cliff Gardner , the Borda family, etc. for years. The Haag’s won their suit, but the last we knew, the children have not seen a dime of the awarded money. Even when folks win, good LUCK seeing the settlement !!! Disband the ILLEGAL BLM….State Sovereignty…..

  2. BLM (Bullies Love Mistreatment). Along with disbanding the BLM Pres. Trump, you should do a general pardon of all the prisoners who were imprisoned by the federal judges who were on the same federal team as the BLM.

  3. There are 530 departments and agencies, all these departments are overbearing. They can make their own laws and regulations. They employ millions of people. In 1947, there were only 67 departments. Roosevelt created this mess, to find out more about how Roosevelt eliminated the 10 Amendment and States rights, read The Peoples Pottage, the short book can be bought on Amazon for $4.99.

  4. Kudos to all of you. And to State Soverignty. As A Nevada currently living in Arizona, I have seen plenty of BLM abuse. Start with wild horses. These are feral animals just like packs of wild dogs or stray cats and should not be treated as a cash crop like BLM has done for years, giving them preferential rights over cattle. Until you watch them trampling a small Nevada spring, ruining the water source, while driving the deer and cattle away, you will not understand why we should be selling tags for horses just like deer. Who cares whether you want a pet or money for providing horse meat for human or animal feed? There are huge herds of horses in central Nevada that are ruining the range, and if you go to Pyramid Lake where they have them in pens, I guarantee you will not want to take any of them home for pets at $250.00 “Wild Horse Annie” and all the bleeding hearts have destroyed wildlife in favor of wild horses. There is a film made by Nevada Fish and Wildlife, or horses on the Nevada Test Site (closed to people) where the animals stand nose to tail eating each others manes and tails because there is no food. And BLM has continued to allow this animal abuse to go on, because there no place to take the horses that is any better.

    And we are supposed to be a Republic with a separate legislative branch that makes laws, an executive branch that enacts them and a judicial branch that enforces them. In all of these “Alphabet agencies” they make, enact and enforce their own policies as if they were laws, which they are NOT.

    God Bless the Hammonds (still in prison), the Bundys and their supporters (free at last) and all those who are willing to stand up for our freedoms. If we don’t, then who will?


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