The Murder of LaVoy Finicum Appears to Be a Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal Conspiracy

Shawna Cox was almost killed in the LaVoy Finicum ambush, now she is helping to blow the lid off of the criminal conspiracy in Oregon


James White               NorthWest Liberty News


I am normally not one to make predictions, but if I had to make one about the criminal conspiracy surrounding the murder of LaVoy Finicum, I would have to predict that the institutional corruption within Oregon is soon to be openly exposed. This is no small matter, since the corruption appears to reach all the way to the highest levels of government.


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As recently reported on NorthWest Liberty News, Pete Santilli and Joseph O’Shaughnessy have filed similar, pre-trial discovery requests that should certainly make all of those involved the criminal conspiracy to kill LaVoy Finicum more than a bit nervous.  On the heels of the motions outlined above, Shawna Cox has filed a criminal counter-suit against all of the people involved in the same criminal conspiracy, including Governor Kate Brown.  I have included a portion of the official court document below:

The State and Federal Bar Association members who committed crimes against the Hammond family and myself known to me at this time are; Judge Grasity, Senator Cliff Bentz, Harney County Prosecutor Tim Calhon, Governor Kate Brown, U.S. prosecutors Dwight Holton, Kirk Engdall, Kelley Zusman, S. Amanda Marshall, Judge Hogan and Judge Ann Aiken.

Harney County Public officials who committed crimes against the Hammond family and myself by omissions and misprision of felonies are Sherriff David Ward and FBI Special Agent Katherine Armstrong.

Additional affirmative defenses I am reserving include:

  1. Jurisdiction, or lack of
  2. Venue or lack of
  3. The court that is attempting to prosecute me is an Article 4 court and not an article 3 court.
  4. I object to the court continuing to attempt to identify me as a subject of corporate United States of America, I ask the court to cease and desist this, and acknowledge I am a sovereign citizen with State and Federal constitutional rights and protections of law.
  5. I am requesting a fact finding hearing to identify the status of the court and my status with the court.
  6. Restriction of Judicial Powers
  7. Selective prosecution, unequal protections of the laws, Government > the people
  8. Omission and misprision of felony by state and federal agents, officials and employees.
  9. Subversive activities against our state and federal constitutional form of governments.
  10. Malicious Prosecution.
  11. Unlawful detainment and seizure.
  1. RICO Racketeering efforts organized against me, us, the Hammonds and others.
  2. The constitutional right of militia to assemble against subversive attacks against the Constitution of the United States and the people of the United States.
  3. My right to assemble was interfered with.
  4. My Freedom of speech was interfered with.
  5. Criminal Negligence
  6. Organized attempted execution/murder of a witness and informant.
  7. Organized execution / murder of my co-witness and co-informant.
  8. Foreign Agents operating subversively within United States, including but not limited to State and Federal Bar Associations, IMF agents and Blackstone mercenaries.
  9. Including but not limited to the following criminal codes and crimes in contend were committed against me and others who I came to rescue:


18 USC sections 3, 4,13, 201, 3  210,  211, 241,242,371,641,654,662,  1001,1016,  1018,1341, 1349,1512, 1513, 1519, 1621, 1623, 1951,1956, 1957, 1962, 1964, 2071,18 USC Chapter 96 RICO, False Representation Concerning Title, Criminal Sabotage, Assemblages of Saboteurs, Fraudulent removal of property, Intent to defraud, Malicious prosecution, Subversive Activities made felony, Conviction of public officer forfeits trust, culpability, complicity, assault in the first, second and third degrees, coercion, harassment, theft, robbery, forgery duress, bribery, trading in public office, trading in special influence, failure of duty by public officer, intimidating a witness, tampering with a witness, tampering with physical evidence, rendering criminal assistance, compounding, Abuse of office, organized crime, leading organized crime, controlling enterprise or reality – conspiracy or attempt, criminal profiteering, money laundering, oath on admission, adverse possession under claim and color of title, rights of survivors and witnesses, right of effective council and judicial officer defined – when disqualified.


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To download the official court filing in its entirety, CLICK HERE

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  1. I pray to god this blows up in their faces all the way to whitehouse where it probably originated. I watched the video of the execution and it made me sick to my stomach. Shame on the FBI whom i idolized as a young man.

    • James I totally agree……but……when referencing God…..please capitalize his name….respectfully thank you for your opinion and I do agree
      Suzette Pulvirenti

  2. Finally somebody is getting to the real issues in this case. The press is completely crazy, and evil and wouldn’t tell the truth if it socked them in the eye.

    We have a mostly foreign owned for profit corporation masquerading as our federal government, operating in the jurisdiction of the sea, and committing crimes of piracy on the land against American nationals, including conspiracy, barratry, and personage, along with now murder and their usual crimes of FRAUD, deceit, lack of full disclosure, threat, duress, coercion, intimidation and pressganging, and identity theft. All these crimes can be adjudicated in this one case.

    • America is a ‘corporation’, with ‘citizens’ and not ‘sovereigns’. Our courts are courts of codes/statutes in Chancery. Our entire nation is a bank owned/controlled for payment purposes to the few elite who dominate. Pull the plug.
      End both Fed and UN. Pull the plug. And that includes the ones who are running for President. All are complicit for money. ALL.
      And they all know it. None are ignorant. NONE.
      Get educated. I suggest the National Liberty Alliance, Hillsdale College, or just do the research.
      Getting over the shock, the reality will be the hardest first thing. But, once it sinks in, then knowledge becomes the weapon. And it can do damage to them. Get educated.

    • You are so right, &the dismissal of this tragedy is a tragedy in&of itself…I have been trying to stay up to date on this&have been spreading the word every chance I get..people, it’s time to stand up&stand together, to actually become “INDIVISIBLE” as it says in our Pledge of Allegiance! ! This should NOT be dismissed or ignored, THIS should be a wake-up call for the American People, a turning point for everyone to stand up&say WE WILL NOT SIMPLY ROLL OVER, WE WILL NOT LET IT GO, “WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE DARK”!!!!

  3. Thank You James White for all your efforts and sharing this document. I have been collecting any and all documents, files, photos, videos, etc; that I can get a hold of and or come across pertaining to all the issues beginning with the 2014 standoff right up thru LaVoy’s murder and continuing circumstances, events, etc; and storing them into files accordingly on an external hard drive for future reference to anyone who needs them.

  4. As I understand the process of claiming no jurisdiction, you cannot proceed to the merits of the case, which Shawna has done. You are giving the court jurisdiction when you do that. Has that changed?
    I know nothing about filings but I seem to remember that.
    Please let me know if I am incorrect.

  5. LOL! This goes on EVERYDAY in your government and is considered normal – till somebody gets SHOT!!

    Boils down to the worst – MURDER by a fellow citizen masquerading as a government official that killed another citizen.

    He must be brought to justice. Those other citizens up there are messing lives of other citizens and can be indicted of THEFT of public funds, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, misuse of office, conspire to defraud, etc.

  6. I like the “Good Talk” I have read here.
    You can be sure of another thing, all the pics and film footage shot ? every man, women and dog that was there have become targets by the brown shirts.
    Its all just good talk. Jim

  7. 21. Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice charges now submitted by here and now against The US Government,Barack Obama and the White House. Governor Kate Brown and that State of Oregon under her and her premature,immature,complicit ineptness colluding criminality as listed above and so requested help from the DOJ/FBI and Federal Government because she/Kate Brown couldn’t or wouldn’t handle any of it rightly at state and local level governments under her charge as Governor of Oregon. (Why too also why you don’t EVER let a woman lead run anything important including those government offices because weak compromised women always run to someone else even more weak and even greater compromised then themselves to handle whatever or everything and anything that they cannot handle nor handle properly right the first time. Which is always most important for everybody and everything to have it handled right the first time! Especially when it’s in your power and State Governor’s office to do so and you give that up right away and act like a typical weak compromised defiled infected Pussy who runs right away to the Feds just like that weak worthless compromised Sheriff of Burns and Harney County David Ward did running to the FBI right away instead of handling it rightly himself!!! He became a Pussy just like his Governor and handlers who were NOT We The People!!!
    So now here too, me and my God are singing all these onto the charges of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice: Judge Grasity, Senator Cliff Bentz, Harney County Prosecutor Tim Calhon, Governor Kate Brown, U.S. prosecutors Dwight Holton, Kirk Engdall, Kelley Zusman, S. Amanda Marshall, Judge Hogan and Judge Ann Aiken. Harney County Public officials who committed crimes against the Hammond family and myself by omissions and misprision of felonies are Sherriff David Ward and FBI Special Agent Katherine Armstrong. As well as whoever all those where that ordered for it and set it up and had all those UNCONSTITUTIONAL road blocks! You can sign every one of their names and offices onto this list of charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice also.

    I’m not just saying this but I have actually court time stamp dated notarized and entered into US Court in the form of a PCRA from my last and still current case this and many other facts about me personally even as any of it pertains to my personal relationship with my Loving Sovereign Creator God Elohim and Son of His Yeshua.
    I attest to these facts and do solemnly swear on the Holy Bible before both that Creator God and Christ and man/mankind everywhere past,present future.
    I am, and this land here I own in America as of last July also is, CLEARLY BOTH NOT a subject of “corporate United States of America.”
    I am a witness to all the accused in the Bundy BLM standoff including but not limited to Peter Santilli who I listened into LIVE Peter’s last two days on air online before his false arrest at that road block all video recorded taped. I’m witness also to Shawna Cox and Levoy Finicum and that immediate remaining family of Levoy Finicum also. The Bundy’s and Hammonds.
    From beginning to end. From Alpha and Omega also.They were ALL representing me,my rights, my land and my God given land rights inheritance here also in the United States. Which includes also my AKC recognized ‘Pure Bred’ (and have papers to show it too) Alaskan Malamutes and their entitlement to have me/master,Maine/land with or without UN agenda 21 Biodiversity map plan details and substance in reality and or just on paper and or tied to any Central Bank Anywhere on the planet or cyberspace and or including also our Federal Reserve Banks purse strings whether legitimate and or fraudulent USD national debt backed,support or sustained at least somewhat under God like me and all our land here also. Furthermore we don’t just assume but we have and are and maintain all our God given land rights here in Maine USA also in non corporate government,non foreign Bank and non foreign government and UN run managed and or “guided” land of mine and ours that all We The People also inside America are also entitled to have here with me or just on paper if it benefits them currently incarcerated out in Oregon have rights to me and what all God gave me including this tract of land and all my God given rights on earth as it is in heaven and in His Highest Holy Heaven Habitation also I’ll gladly share that inheritance of mine also with any them also who are We The People especially if they can support that fact with a tax bill they paid and a state drivers license ID proof they are who they say they are indeed accurately.

    Oh and sorry Governor Kate Brown,David Ward and DOJ’s Loretta Lynch for me naming and calling you all and others like you with you “weak woman Pussies.” Don’t take it personal. It’s just business.

  8. Sovereign Citizen is an oxy moron. You can tell its made up by the media because the word literally contradicts itself. No one claims to be apart of this movement. Its just a way for the media to make freedom loving people look evil. Its a smear campaign against real freedom. Sovereign means king whereas citizen means subject. Its literally an oxymoron. Contradiction and proof of propaganda in America.


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