Michael Snyder: “ America is Now Under God’s Judgement ”


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We have been tested and have failed…now comes the judgement


As the economic collapse seems to be transpiring before our eyes, it was the perfect time to speak Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog; today’s guest on the NorthWest Liberty News radio show. Michael is a prolific researcher, and he has no equal when it comes to writing about the real economy and the upcoming financial disasters that will soon befall America. Today, however, we not only covered the economy, but also covered the spiritual sickness that has infected this once God fearing nation; and how we are currently under God’s judgement.

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According to Michael Snyder, God has tested America and we have failed. From 57 million murders of the unborn, to the circle of evil being completed with those same murdered children’s body parts being bought and sold on the open market. Truly, we are a nation in tremendous moral decline and may very well be under God’s judgement; as Michael pulls no punches in pointing out that fact. Of all the times I have had the pleasure to interview Michael Snyder, this time may have been the best.

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      • Michelle;
        No, God doesn’t do things like that. God is impartial. No country or people are any more important than any other. Your comment is only wishful thinking, and not scriptural. God judges ALL by the exact same judicial decisions and judgements. One is not preferred over any other. And God does NOT interfere in the affairs of man during the rule of Satan, which will only end at the final battle. If God were to do so, it would mean He is a liar, and God CANNOT lie. Satan is trying to prove he is the rightful ruler of the universe, and that man would not worship and obey God out of love alone, and that man would do so ONLY if he got something out of it from God. We are to prove Satan wrong on BOTH counts. If God were to “teach america a lesson” then God would be letting Satan off the hook, invalidating the vast majority of the scriptures.

        • Deuteronomy 28 – 32. There are consequences for behavior. Jump UP off the cliff and you will still hit the bottom. Allow the person you are tethered with to jump and you will also hit the bottom. It’s God’s Law of consequences. Refuse to at least inform your neighbor of his error and the consequence is … ? Ezekiel 3:20.
          Today’s Christendom has redefined Jesus into a god they want him to be which ultimately is making the individuals their own god.
          This is not some mysterious thing that requires years of study, a knowledge of ancient tongues, or a slide rule. It’s SO SIMPLE that people refuse to acknowledge it. It requires a little humility to admit “I” am part of the problem.
          Again, read Deuteronomy chapters 28 thru 32. Note that EVERY prophecy is given to a lawless nation with all or a variety of curses previously listed. Follow that with 2 Chronicles 7:14. Every prophesy gives an out, repent and turn from your wicked ways. Nineva dodged the bullet by doing just that. So obviously there is a way out the mess America is in, IF individuals will humble themselves.

          • Pam;
            What was written before the Christ is no longer law, but is for our benefit in understanding God’s thinking and principles and so on. And it is also filled with commands we must obey. The Christian/Greek scriptures are the things we must pay closer attention to though. If one obeys all of God’s commands, one MUST NOT be part of any religion of man. There exists ONLY ONE REAL RELIGION, and it’s the “one true faith” as Jesus taught it. All the religions of Christendom are first of all, NOT RELIGION, and secondly, ARE NOT CHRISTIAN. At least according to God as accounted in His inspired word. If one obeys God completely, that one will have NOTHING to do with religions of man, government, politics, worshiping flags and countries and people and actors and musicians, and one will not be any “part of the world” at all, as Jesus commanded his apostles and disciples. If one fails to obey every command of God, it shows God they don’t live Him, since love of God means OBEYING HIS COMMANDMENTS. Not obeying means one does not love God. Those not obeying are all going to be destroyed, permanently. Those that DO obey totally, will never taste death. They’ll live forever in a paradise Earth, forever, in perfect health to boot.

            God will not care about America, Europe, or any country. They mean NOTHING to Him, as He is NOT PARTIAL. All are equal in His eyes. So there is no way out for America, but there is a way out for each individual, IF THEY OBEY ALL OF GOD’S COMMANDS. And if they do the ENTIRE will of God, always. But most are part of a religion, in disobedience to God, and will therefore be destroyed. Most love the world, in disobedience to God. Most vote in disobedience to God. And so on.

        • Why did Jesus say, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” – Matt. 15:24; Matt. 10:5-6
          Why did Paul refer to the prophesy about God making a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah in Hebrews 8:8? Specifically mentioning putting His Law into their minds and writing it in their hearts, Hebrews 8:10? Why doesn’t it say ALL people instead of this one ‘nation’?

          • I don’t recall offering to be your scriptural teacher and guide. I know I didn’t offer, because I would never do that on a public blog. EVER. Are you unable to do research? If that’s the case, I can help you find a way to do YOUR OWN research. Otherwise, don’t ask me questions like that any more. Satan has “veiled” the meaning of the scriptures from the unbelievers, and according to God’s word, ALL who are religionists are unbelievers, and all who are antichrist are unbelievers, and on and on.

          • Pam, That is truly written in the word but remember Paul was sent to the Gentile Nations to teach them the law, statues and commandments of Yah ( Psalms 68:4-as in halleluyah-which means praise you Yah. there was no letter j until the 16th century.Peter was sent to the gentile Cornnelius. READ THE BOOK OF ACTS CHAPTER 10 AND CONCENTRATE ON VERSES 34 AND 35. Yah will save those of any nation who repents and truly learn His truth and serve him in righteousness. You can learn more at http://www.israyliteheritage.org. Please pray for his spirit to guide you into all truth. May Yah bless you. Shalom

  1. Agree, America is over and done (judgement is here) so, no need for patriot websites to continue on. Everyone needs to prepare and get house in order or sell house and/ or move to bug out location if you are fortunate to own one. No need to inform others or do anything politically, since it’s too late and we are being invaded by Muslims on a daily basis. Electronic voting machines are rigged. America’s future is zeroooo. Get with close friends for bartering and interacting after the train wreck.

  2. America pushes immoral content to the entire world via tv, movies, music, the internet, porn, etc. we are responsible for lost innocence here, and abroad! We are the worlds biggest war monger, and have killed many (in the name of peace)! We gave God the boot, and celebrate LGBTs, and their rainbows! Which is a huge slap in God’s face, since the rainbow is the sign of the covenant with Noah! We are now satan’s tool, and we did not resist on any level! We are corrupt, and we are corrupting! America was satan’s easiest conquest, and we were a Christian people! How sad is that! It is just a matter of time! And, you have to ask, how much longer is God going to let us continue to corrupt world wide! With each day innocence is lost! I believe we will be dealt with in months, or years, but no longer!

    • Quoting: “America pushes immoral content to the entire world via tv, movies, music, the internet, porn, etc. we are responsible for lost innocence here, and abroad! We are the worlds biggest war monger, and have killed many (in the name of peace)! ”
      Yes! As a European, I’ve wondered just why no one seems to see the obvious,
      that’s what Dave says here. He could say it even more emphatically and still be
      Judgement delayed equals judgement harder.

      Not with any bad – stefan of Europe

  3. This is such hogwash.
    To blame God for every evil that falls upon this country is rubbish from the minds of the crazy Evangelical types.

    How about this country is just stupid?!
    How about the fact that Evangelical Christians are just dumb?!

    Evangelical types have allowed themselves to be hijacked by the monied-establishment who’s political candidates mumble all the key “hot-words” such as “abortion, lower taxes, smaller government” and so forth.

    Once these candidates get into office, they then deliver nothing. Zip. Zero!
    And this has been going on for the last several decades–and yet the Evangelical types manage to double down on stupid again and again.

    Look at the latest wonk running for president…. Ted Cruiz.

    This clown mumbles all the right “God words” –but no one cares to look closely at this guy and that he has been on the government tit and a paid parasite on your dime for his entire career–having built absolutely nothing in his life. He and Rubio are perfect examples of how you all are being deluded.

    The country is going to hit a financial wall because no one cand simply add two and two anymore…. eveyone is on the government tit now–from people allegedly “serving (just what?!) in the military, to people on social security, to the welfare dolts in the inner cities. The whole country is on the government tit now in some form or another and it is just not sustainable anymore, and it is going to implode…. and when it does it is not “God’s judgement” –it is simply the inability to discern reality from fiction.

    • Perhaps you live in ignorance to the word of God, as declared to us in the bible. Your position ignores the historical and documented judgements to a nation that is flooded with the word of God, but seeks false gods and sins.

      The Old Testament describes this in Jeremiah 18.

      As America has sown sin, so shall it reap my friend. Prepare shinmen, for judgement is at the door.

      Welcome to mystery Babylon. Rev 18. Jer 50 and 51 tell you about your future. America is going into captivity and will be burned with fire.

      Laugh and scoff today. We already know the response until judgement hits.

    • Mr. Takezo,
      To label things beyond your perception “Hogwash” is as helpful as labeling it magic. The documentary tradition followed in the presented analysis spans multiple millennia, and is founded on observed, repeated facts (history). It is not unheard of to read more into these documents, or less, than is being said, but principles and bellwethers have more reliability and utility than narrow and dismissive speculations. Scripture is useful for many purposes, and can be abused as well. I don’t sense much abuse in the presentation.

    • Unfortunately, America’s sins have reached the most high God, and soon you will see judgement and a breakdown that will NEVER occur again.
      Collapses happen and have happened but the Lord judging this nation for its murder of innocents and worshipping evil WILL bring judgement
      The likes of what the world has never seen.
      Jesus is coming and non believers will regret the day they ignored him.

      • The USA will not be judged alone. All peoples and nations are judged at once. God is NOT PARTIAL and will not single out people, or nations.
        Realize also that believing is not the only thing that causes one to be “saved”. It requires doing the ENTIRE WILL OF GOD, always, every day, with no exceptions. The hard part is finding out what the entire will of God is, since NO religion or church or clergy teaches what it is. Not a single one. Just by existing, religions, churches, and clergy are disobeying God, since NONE are approved of by God.

  4. WELL MOSES warned if you TAKE AN OATH TO GOD,you were putting your soul on the line,and YOU HAD better dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s,or you would be sent to HELL,Not a single person I’ve ever met has believed or followed MOSES warning(Numbers 30:2),its been ignored by the military,the police gangs and everyone in government,and NOW,”DONNA 11″ says the LORD told her FEB.2,all delays and postponements are ending and FEB.3rd JUDGEMENT BEGINS,on a wicked and demonic nation,You had to see this coming………….

    • He does a lot of research i.e. he spends ten hours a day surfing the net. Yep. Old Michael is a real expert in all things financial. Just another con man really.

  5. You know the sad truth about all of this…..as a Christian I know what my bible says…sadly, all that s evil in the world, God created it all…God created satan, knowing what he would do..all the souls lost because of God’s creation…how sad is that..

    There is no argument to my statement! None…the bible clearly said god created all, and he created the angels that fell…it even says satan confers with God on what he can do to his children..which means god talks to satan all the time..look it up, it there too…..he could put a stop to all of it….

    • The irony is, claiming to be Christian, you fail to capitalize Bible, and God many times, in reference to Supreme Deity, or acknowledge that he created beings beings with the liberty to do well or evil. The creation created the evil, where that is fact. My theology is God wants us to have what we want. Light, for those who want it. Darkness (and the concomitant gnashing of teeth) for those who choose that. You also fail to mention that He WILL put a stop to all of it (Evil).

      • You need to Read Romans 9:13-23
        “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.
        What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.
        For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

        So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.
        For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.
        Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth.

        Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will?
        Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?

        Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour? What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:
        And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,”

        • Michael Snyder;
          God the Almighty is not judging America any more than any other nation. In fact, He isn’t judging nations, but people. And no people are judged any more or any less than any other people, as God is not partial. Before Jesus was murdered by Israel over money, God was partial TO Israel. After their constant abandonment of God by them, He abandoned them as His chosen nation. With the elimination of the Law Covenant, and the institution of the New Covenant (New Contract) with “spiritual Israel”, or the “Israel of God”, who are ONLY the holy spirit annointed 144,000 (the only ones to go to heaven, ever) He became partial to them, and adopted them as His sons and daughters. He is also partial to the great crowd or great flock. They are the ones who associate with and support the work of the annointed 144,000 in warning all of mankind of the coming Kingdom, it’s judgements AGAINST mankind not doing the Entire Will Of God, and who proclaim God’s personal name, Jehovah. He said “they will have to know that I am Jehovah” many many times. Those two groups, the annointed and their associates, are the only ones who will EVER be able to enjoy the promises of that new covenant. All others, those who reject God and Jesus off hand, and who cling to any religion, are God’s enemies. He called them Babylon the Great, and promises to eliminate them all from the face of the Earth forever. Thereafter, after Armageddon in other words, only those two groups will live on Earth, having been protected during the tribulation and final battle. Then the resurrections begin, and those two groups play an even more important role. The 144,000 help rule Earth with Jesus as King, from heaven, and the great crowd will teach the resurrected ones to know, love, and obey Jehovah.
          So, God isn’t partial, and judges all by the same standards. All governments of Earth will cease to exist, and therefore America, and every other country will cease to exist, as there will only be the Kingdom government. So judging America by itself completely negates the entire Christian Greek (new testament) scriptures, and God’s purposes for Earth and mankind.

        • And yet, with each of these, He vests free will. That doesn’t mean He doesn’t know what their choices are/will be. It also doesn’t mean He doesn’t have an infinitely Good reason for the meticulous arrangement of circumstance. He also takes blame for creating evil, though the fountainhead of that vile result is the Creation where the choice is ultimately made. Like the father in the prodigal son, who ended up with two prodigal sons, one who repented and was restored, and one who ignorantly judged, and whose fate is only revealed at the Eschaton.

    • Kepano24, God DID INDEED create all and declared all that He created GOOD(read Genesis chapters 1 and 2). All the evil things you listed are a result of Adam’s sin (the wages of SIN is DEATH) Paul mentions this all over the New Testament. God has one goal and that is to bring His children back to himself but He had to allow man (Adam) to choose to be with Him. He desires a relationship not robots. Just like you want your family and loved ones to choose to love you and not be forced to love you! Remember to pray and ask God for revelation of His word, reading the Bible alone isn’t enough for you to continue to grow as a follower of Christ. Also, find a Bible TEACHING Church and attach yourself to it.

      • Harold;
        If it exists, God created it. Evil included.
        I would also like to comment on your comment on finding a Bible teaching church. Many CLAIM to teach the scriptures, but what they do teach is not accurate, and NONE teach the ENTIRE scriptures. They all INTERPRET them, even though God said that interpretation of scripture belongs ONLY to Him. We are to NEVER interpret ANY scripture, ever. There is only one organization that accurately teaches God’s word the Bible, and they are His servants on Earth. They knock on your door once a month. Invite them in.

      • Tinfoilhattt;
        Yes. I found it in God’s word, the Bible. If you’re looking for a scripture, sorry, it takes hundreds to arrive at that discernment of truth. Showing a principle of God CANNOT be shown, ever, with one scripture. That’s a tactic of false religion, as they interpret scriptures, contrary to God’s statement that “does not interpretation belong only to Me?” We are NOT to interpret scriptures ever. And I don’t conduct Bible studies with people in a public forum.

  6. Snyder is dead wrong. God does NOT test nations, or people since Jesus’ death. God is IMPARTIAL. All are judged by the same standards and principles of God. To think otherwise is to prove a total lack of understanding of God’s word, the Bible.

  7. Mr Snyder, you make a good argument for your position/belief…that said, I must take exception w/ Kepano24’s mindset/opinion…insomuch that, yes what he/she posted is biblical truth.

    However, what is lost in the analysis/translation…is the fact that GOD is “INFINITE” (meaning: unlimited/infinity)…while “man” (us folks)..is/are “FINITE” (limited)….hence, there is no possible way, that we men/humans can pigeon-hole…let alone, define GOD…or his reasoning/powers/ways, nor his strategy for dealing w/ his nemesis.

    …at the end of the day…it boils down to his Holy Spirit infusing the faithful with faith/knowledge/wisdom…to recognize his signs/heed his warnings and don the blood-soaked armor of his SON…& prepare to do battle in this realm, for the sake of his truths!!!

  8. Why is it always “America deserves judgement” and never the elite pushing America into wickedness ‘deserves judgement’? The Luciferians running our Nation have control of and have corrupted every institutions; our Schools, our Churches, our Culture and our government! When we push back, they over-rule us anyway! Did “We the People” decide to take prayer out of schools, the Bible out of schools, to legalize abortion?! These quisling traitors from within are poisoning our food, our water and vaccines! We are victims here! THIS could be considered a judgement, on prior generations perhaps, that place us under this tyranny; but the situation we are in at this moment is not our doing! God knows who is doing what! He knows we are like rape victims in this, and the point is to never give in, and if you are being taken down, go down kicking, screaming and fighting, and HE will deliver us! The perpetrators of all the evil being done in our nation’s name, and fostered upon us, WILL be judged! Why should they get to get even more power as a result of their wickedness? THEY are the ones to be judged! (having said that, obviously, we each have things to clean up in our own lives, my point is the Nation’s sin is not ours, we didn’t do it, don’t support it, and those who do are either minions of the enemy or mentally harmed victims of him with a type of Stockholm syndrome)
    I just needed to point this out.

    • Very well said joe…my thoughts exactly and everything you said is 100% truth..we as a people didn’t get ourselves into this mess and glory be to God we’ll need every bit of His help to get us out of it.

  9. The USAA was turned into a CORPORATION & the “states” into “franchisees” in 1871, under the Washington DC Act of that year. The nation was founded by occultists at best & satanists at worst. The usacorp was never a christian nation. Simply look at the “SPIRITUAL FRUITS” of not only our history, but the entire world! It’s always been Cainite, NOT Sethite! All nations of the earth are under judgment. Israel is a satanic puppet nation too, until the time of Jacob’s Trouble, which is eminent…
    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of you greatly & give you the wisdom, knowledge & understanding to endure what is ALREADY coming. EPHESIANS 6:10-20, ROMANS 8:31 Prepare your Spiritual House 1st, then all other preps! Shalom

  10. If only 144,00 “Elect” will go to Heaven, what happens to all the other Christians outside that pre-ordained number? This theology has always seemed at odds with the Passion of Jesus. Just curious how you resolve that intellectually.

    • Catbird;
      The 144,000 are the firstfruits, co-rulers with Jesus in the Kingdom government of Earth. They are only able to go there after being “transformed” into spirit beings, as the scriptures are quite clear that we ARE a soul when alive, we don’t HAVE a soul. The soul that sinneth, it itself shall DIE. The associates and supporters of the remnant of the 144,000, known as the great flock and great crowd, will live in a paradise EARTH. Were that not so, whom would the Kingdom govern? The great crowd are protected and “saved” through the tribulation and final battle. They are to teach those who are promised to be resurrected. Remember, a scripture says that there will be a resurrection of the righteous (144,000) and the unrighteous (the rest of humankind who didn’t die as a judgement, such as the flood and the tribulation and final battle). Those who learn and adhere to God’s teachings during judgement day (1000 year period post Armageddon), along with the great crowd who remain faithful through this period, will live forever in that paradise Earth, after being healed and made perfect. Thereafter, only the righteous shall inhabit the Earth.

      It’s really quite simple. Requires no intellectual resolution at all. It’s all spelled out in the word of God, the Bible.

  11. Most of the time when the word ‘test’ is used it means a method of purification like testing gold which is to heat it to the point that the dross rises to the top to be skimmed off.
    1 John 3:4 – Sin is the transgression of the Law. Evil then is lawlessness practiced and encouraged.
    The book of Deuteronomy is the Law codified and beginning in chapter 28, are the consequences of the national lawlessness. What’s so hard about Every action having a reaction? Obey, get blessings. Disobey, get curses. It’s not just the rainbow people and abortionists, there is nothing in this country we don’t tolerate because modern christianity is tolerance (judge not). The first Commandment says, NO other god before Me. The 10th Commandment says, Don’t covet. Well, a covetous person is simply greedy. The usurers couldn’t loan money without the guy on the other side of the desk who WANTS something he doesn’t have the money for. What exactly is the ‘American Dream’? Apparently not the Kingdom of God. Mark 10:21 Americans/Christians have simply put things and money above God. And let’s face it, if you stand in front of an abortion clinic and voice your disapproval or refuse to bake a cake because you just can’t condone behavior contrary to your conscience, you might just end up with a very expen$ive judgement against you. Imagine what would happen to you if you went around tacking the 10 Commandments on walls!!
    Exodus 20:5 makes it clear we are dealing with a jealous God and now angry to boot.
    1 Peter 4:17 Judgement begins at the house of God, with Christians. But then obedience is learned through suffering …

  12. I am thinking we are in the end times. Read the book of Revelations and compare the seven seals to where we are today as the world more then a single nation. I am inclined to think that we are in the midst of the 4th and 5th seals. That alone is scary enough when it written their are only seven seals.

    • Scott;
      Indeed, we ARE in the end of the end times. The scriptures tell us that the return of Jesus would happen 2520 years AFTER the temple destruction in Jerusalem. They also give us a large amount of signs to look for indicting the presence of Jesus, as King. If one does the math, 2520 years after the temple’s destruction in 607 b.c.e. ends in the month of October, of 1914. It says that Satan will be booted from heaven, with no chance of re-entering, along with the third of the angels who sided with Satan. If you noticed, WWI started in 1914. The earthquakes, famines, pestilence, lack of natural love, love of one’s self, love of money, rejection of God and Jesus, and many other things have happened, and happen to this day. Jesus is clearly on his throne. He has returned. His return marks the beginning of the end times.Matthew 24:14 is being fulfilled in abundance, as never before. It says the good news of the Kingdom will be preached throughout the entire inhabited Earth, and then the end (tribulation and final battle) will come. It IS under way right now. You commented that this is a scary thing. It’s not scary at all, unless one does NOT do the ENTIRE will of God. The will of God requires us to be no part of the world, including it’s religions. Those sects/denominations of Christendom are copies of the original “one true faith” taught by Jesus, God’s son. They are imitations. There can be but one reason for such a copy or imitation, and that is to CHANGE the original. Changing it means changing God’s words and teachings, and those of His son, Jesus. Changing them means we don’t know what they originally taught, UNLESS we abandon those imitations, and stick ONLY to the original. The original is NOT a church or a religion or clergy class. It’s a FAITH, in God, JESUS, and the KINGDOM. It’s adherence to the scriptures only, not the teachings of man. The imitations are mixed with the teachings of man. They are mixed with pagan teachings. Pagan beliefs, rituals, icons and idols and practices. God warned us to have NOTHING to do with anything pagan. The cross is a pagan symbol. The original texts from which the Christian Greek scriptures (new testament) were translated say Jesus died on a “stauros”. It’s a Koine Greek word meaning pole or stake. The most common means of execution in Rome was a torture stake. Single piece of a tree with NO branches. The immortality of soul is not a Christian teaching either. The scriptures teach that we ARE soul, not that we have one. They tell us also that hell is the common grave of mankind, not a place of fiery torment. No immortal soul, nothing to send to a fictitious hell. They teach also that no one goes to heaven, except those who are “transformed” in to spirit beings and taken to heaven to co-rule Earth with Jesus. They are the holy spirit annointed 144,000. They teach also that when one dies, his sins are forgiven. “The wages of sin is DEATH”, not a fiery torment. You die, you have paid for those sins. No further punishment. We’re promised a resurrection to a paradise Earth after Armageddon, not to heaven, where we cannot go. Flesh cannot enter Heaven. All of those teachings contradicting God’s word, the Bible are man’s teachings. They are the result of CHANGING God’s word, in the creation of those imitation copies of Jesus’ teachings.

  13. We put a lot of emphasis on abortion killings. It seems we don’t pay much attention to the needs of the poor. In the good old USA we have people dying in impoverished conditions, especially in matters related to little or no health care access. Is this not murder too, especially given the our capacity to do something about it? Abortion is only one of a myriad of issues related to saving lives. Many are going to miss heaven because when I was hungry you did not feed me! See Matt. 25:25. Teach the whole truth please!

  14. A lot of emphasis on abortion killings. It seems we don’t pay much attention to the needs of the poor. In the good old USA we have people dying in impoverished conditions, especially in matters related to little or no health care access. Is this not murder too, especially given the our capacity to do something about it? Abortion is only one of a myriad of issues related to saving lives. Many are going to miss heaven because when I was hungry you did not feed me! See Matt. 25:25. Teach the whole truth please!


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