James White               NorthWest Liberty News               November 27, 2018


Elinor Swanson, Libertarian candidate for US Representative from Montana, lives by the motto, “Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff.” 



I first met Elinor Swanson at Depot Park in Kalispell, Montana during the “Rally for Our Rights” event organized by a few local Montana high school students.  The thing that impressed me immediately about Elinor was that she drove 8 hours from Billings to Kalispell to attend the rally; not because she was the featured speaker, but because she believes strongly in the Second Amendment.  In fact, Elinor only spoke for about 6 minutes during the rally.  I have included her presentation at Depot Park below.



I found Elinor to be very pleasant, personable and intelligent during our brief meeting in Kalispell.  So much so that I floated the idea of Elinor granting me a future interview to discuss Libertarianism and other things. Much to my delight, Elinor graciously accepted my offer; the results of which are linked in the video below.



I’m uncertain about the future of the Libertarian Party; meaning I’m not sure how long that the establishment can continue to push the narrative that the two main political ideologies currently in place is our only solution.  I am certain about one thing, however, when the core values of the Libertarian platform finally break through to the mainstream population, Elinor Swanson will be front and center leading the charge.




Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff
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