Would it surprise you to discover that your government was behind this?  I’m not saying they are, just asking the question.




I’ve watched year in and year out as California and the West Coast experiences a number of wildfires. All along the Ring of Fire, this happens virtually every, single year. However, as we have been able to gain more and more information and as we have become more and more informed about weapons that are being developed by the military industrial complex, we can see that there is something particularly interesting about this year’s “wildfire” in California: It isn’t so “wild.”



Even people who claim they don’t believe in conspiracies have been scratching their heads, trying to come up with explanations for how these fires can be so selective as to cut houses in half, burn houses and cars, but leave trees and a host of other anomalies. Well, there is an answer: Just search “Lockheed Martin Directed Energy Weapons” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Directed Energy Weapon: This Seems Far More Plausible For California “Wildfires” Than The Official Narrative
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