Crony Capitalism in Action and an “Enormous” Order for Bacon in Antarctica!


Greg Holscher joins me to discuss how his food product is blocked from hurricane relief and why he bid on a huge order for bacon in Antarctica


James White                                                       NorthWest Liberty News


Greg Holscher is an American entrepreneur whose company, Ready to Eat Bacon, creates some of the tastiest bacon around.  Greg’s company has been poised to provide “wet food” for all the victims who have been ravaged by the recent weather events around North America and Puerto Rico; except that he is being stopped because he’s not in “the club.”


Greg has been vetted 3 times, but apparently that’s not enough.  Here is Greg in his own words:

“The duplicitous vetting by FEMA of American small business owners.  This process is a “choke ” point.”  It’s really nothing more than a “sounds good” regulation imposed to allow only a few to participate, even though it is sold as for the good of all the usual song and dance of agencies.  The fact is FEMA NEVER EVER responds to any of us.  Vetting by them is not even possible; as the process is virtually unavailable to any normal last named American.  Interestingly, the usual suspects are always welcome at the FEMA feeding trough.  Chaney Reed, Bush, Clinton and many lessor knowns to John Q Pub, but nonetheless in the “in crowd” when it comes to making money.”

Please tune in to the video as Greg describes the process in which real entrepreneurs are buried by Crony Capitalism.  Lastly, Greg issued a monster quote for a bacon order from Antarctica.  What’s going on down there?


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