A jury has awarded a teen $6 million after a cop slammed the handcuffed and unresponsive boy face-first into the concrete, leaving him brain-damaged and in a coma.

Kansas City, MO – After sentencing a former Independence police officer to four years in prison for violating the constitutional rights of a minor, a federal judge released the dash cam video revealing the overzealous cop tazing the teen for no reason and brutally slamming his head onto the street. Although the innocent teen went into cardiac arrest, which resulted in oxygen deprivation and brain damage, the aggressive officer can be seen in the video repeatedly using excessive force on the boy’s unresponsive body. Now, four years after this savage act was recorded on video, the victim has been awarded over $6 million in damages.

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Cop Tries to Kill Innocent Unconscious Teen, Slamming His Face into Curb—Jury Awards $6 Million
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