About Us

Welcome, and thank you for visiting northwestlibertynews.com.  We are in dark times.  War is raging worldwide with no end in sight.  Government “officials” from across the globe have imposed austerity on their financially devastated populations, in many cases causing riots and even suicides.  The financial system is run by a criminal cabal of the banking elite who have been openly robbing the population for nearly 100 years.  The illegitimate, treasonous, so-called President of the US routinely exposes himself as an enemy of the Republic by usurping the US Constitution at every opportunity, his latest treason being “Executive Orders” to override the 2nd Amendment.  And, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.  We are in dark times, indeed…    

   Just as darkness flees a room when the light is switched on, we will attempt to extinguish the darkness that resides in the minds of everyday citizens.  Please trust me when I tell you that we are not anything special.  We have no formal training in providing news, or even how to build this website.  We are patriots who could no longer ignore the Founding Fathers whispering in our ear to take action.  Our hope is to educate you by providing facts and a place to comment and express your views.  However, our goal is to inspire you to take action.  Future generations will look back at this time for many, many years to come.  How the narrative of history reads is up to all of us.  The time to take action is now.


– Jim White

March 10th, 2013