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This week’s Guest: CLARE M. LOPEZ, VP for Research & Analysis, Center for Security Policy / Middle East Expert / former CIA…

This week’s Topic: A very in depth discussion on the Middle East, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration… And as a BONUS: a discussion on the threat of an EMP attack…

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As the Con Begins to Crumble

9/11 Author and Researcher, Rebekah Roth joins Billy Redneck LIVE on Classic Redneck Radio

March 22, 2015 by James White NorthWest Liberty News

As the Con Begins to Crumble

Perhaps no other single event in world history had a greater impact on American society than the attacks on our soil on September 11, 2001. Sure, the attack on Pearl Harbor was devastating; however, the state of technology in the early 1940’s paled in comparison to that of 2001.

On September 11, and for weeks following, video replays of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers in NYC were the lead stories on all major mainstream and cable networks, something impossible to accomplish in 1941.

Looking back now, one can see that the plan was to psychologically terrorize us all through the images on Mainstream Media; this being part of the bigger plan of global domination. A plan kicked off by the introduction and passage of The Patriot Act; which was purported to be a response to the terror attacks on 9/11. Start putting the pieces together, and you quickly realize that we were all victims of a military tactic known as a “false-flag” that fateful day in September.

There have been numerous groups, and legitimate organizations, that have voiced their suspicions about what really happened on 9/11. Some of the groups, like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, consist of highly respected professionals who have come together to discuss, among other things, how the Laws of Physics were violated on 9/11. The amount of evidence pointing to a cover-up is voluminous, and people are taking notice as the con begins to crumble.


Rebekah Roth has, in my opinion, blown the lid off of the lies surrounding the events on 9/11. Facts which are outlined in her recently released book, Methodical Illusion; a book, as of this writing, that is #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List for its category.

Admittedly, I have yet to read the book. However, the interview by Rebekah Roth on Classic Redneck Radio that follows this article covers many of the books main topics, and can be considered a good overview. Even though one of us from The Liberty Brothers Radio Show appear on Classic Redneck Radio each week, I feel privileged that Billy Redneck invited me to be on the line when he interviewed this incredibly courageous lady. Get prepared to be blown away…



Privacy Denied: Montana AG Working to Kill Landmark Privacy Bill

Montana Representative, Daniel Zolnikov LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show

Privacy Denied

In the spirit of the East German Stasi, it is being reported that Montana Attorney General, Tim Fox desperately wants to deny Montana citizens their right to privacy. Montana Representative, and sponsor of HB 444, Daniel Zolnikov outlined the AG’s sabotage of HB 444 when he appeared LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show recently. In a free and open society, Tim Fox says, privacy denied.

Republican in name only, Tim Fox has been a severe disappointment to those in Montana who pine for smaller government, and conservative values. I certainly do not speak for everyone, but I assure you that most Montanans who consider themselves a part of the Liberty Movement are not pleased with Mr. Fox. One has to ask themselves why the AG would lobby so vociferously to keep Montana citizens in the dark. Is it because Montana, like Chicago, has their own version of Black Sites that need to be protected? Once can only speculate, but it does make you wonder why our employees work so hard to monopolize our privacy. To voice your personal displeasure, you may call Tim Fox at this number: 406. 444.2026

In stark contrast to Tim Fox, Montana Representative, Daniel Zolnikov is a champion for privacy and part of a “new wave” of young legislators who have taken hold of the ideas of freedom and personal liberty. Daniel, no stranger to our broadcast, was gracious enough to take time out of his busy legislative schedule to provide us with an update on the bill whose framework, if adopted, could sweep across the country. I have included a brief bio for Daniel, followed by our recent interview.

Daniel Zolnikov is a liberty minded Republican Montana State Representative. He is a strong believer in gun rights, civil rights concerning our freedoms and liberties, limited government, a simplified tax code, economic freedom and a competitive job environment. As a Representative in his late 20’s, Daniel is one of the few legislators who even remotely understands the threats and concerns of the collection of personal information. He spent his first session working to fill a policy vacuum where privacy and politics meet the road. Daniel sponsored multiple bills, including two privacy bills. The first bill would have created the Montana Privacy Act. The second bill, which was signed into law, prevented law enforcement from obtaining cell phone location information without a warrant.


A Time to Heal: Misha Needs Your Help

My good friend, and local Montanan, Kevin Moore reaches out to get help for the love of his life, Misha; a 20-year old Lynx who Kevin has raised from her infancy.

A Time to Heal

There is a saying out there, although it has taken various forms, that highlights the idea of doing something in life that is bigger than yourself. I’m certain that most readers are likely familiar with the phrase in which I am referring; if not, surely one can grasp the general concept. My good friend, Kevin Moore, may not be familiar with the phrase specifically, but he has certainly grasped the concept.

Kevin Moore, as I stated, is someone who I consider a good friend. Kevin has, like many of us, seen his share of failure; however, he has also seen times in life of great success. For example, few people know, although it was years ago, that Kevin held the Guinness World Record for Sit-ups in one minute, or that Kevin has attained the status of “Master” in the art of Ju-Jitsu. This article, however, is not about Kevin Moore. It is about his friend, Misha, her struggle, and Kevin’s wish that despite all of Misha’s challenges, now, for her, it be a time to heal.

It has been said that time is our most valuable asset. I would tend to agree since we, of course, can’t just manufacture more of it. We may, on occasion, pause to take notice of times fleeting nature, however when faced with the demise of someone close to you, especially someone who you love and consider family, time often becomes our enemy.

For those of you, like me, who have lived through such a period in life, my words should hit home. Although time cannot be manufactured, we can “buy” more of it depending on the circumstances. That concept is why I am writing this article today.

To Kevin Moore, Misha, pictured above, is considered a daughter. Since Kevin does not have children of his own, Misha has filled that role for Kevin for over 20 years now. Misha has suffered with Cancer for some time, and needs expensive medical treatment to continue her life. Kevin needs your help to get the medical attention that Misha needs.

I have set up a Go Fund Me account for Kevin to make it easy for anyone reading this to help. I will link to the account below. Also linked below is a video that I produced for Kevin to help the overall cause. How much does this man love his “daughter,” Misha? Perhaps you will get a good idea in the video below.

You can contribute at Go Fund Me by clicking HERE


3-D Printing: The Revolution Marches On!

Health Ranger, and 3-D Printing advocate, Mike Adams LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show


3-D Printing


The 3-D Printing Revolution took a tremendous leap forward recently with the release of the LulzBot Mini 3-D Printer. In the interest of full-disclosure, Lulzbot is a sponsor of The Liberty Brothers Radio Show; and was gracious enough to send us our own, brand-new Lulzbot Mini 3-D Printer. My co-host, Jason, produced a video from opening the box, to complete set-up; a video which should be released in the near future. How good is the new LulzBot Mini 3-D Printer? Health Ranger, Mike Adams gave it his Editor’s Choice Award almost immediately after the LulzBot Mini’s public release
Mike Adams, and his wildly successful website, Natural News, has been a leader in not only health and wellness, but Mike has also been on the cutting edge of technology; specifically in relation to the advancement of health and education for people across America, and the globe. A tremendous illustration of said technology can be captured at Mike’s newly released project Food Rising.
What is Food Rising?

About Food Rising

Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
The key mission of Natural News is to empower consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children’s toys and other items.
Natural News covers holistic health, nutritional therapies, consciousness and spirituality, permaculture , organics, animal rights, environmental health, food and superfoods , and performance nutrition.

The site strongly criticizes drugs-and-surgery medicine, vaccines, corporate corruption, animal testing, the use of humans for medical experiments, the chemical contamination of foods, heavy metals in consumer products, factory farming and government corruption.


Please join us as we speak with Mike about 3-D Printing, growing food “off-grid,” Fast-Food, Vaccines and much more.


Big Sky Battle with Agenda 21

Landmark Agenda 21 Bill faces strong opposition in Montana

Big Sky Battle
The state of Montana has much to offer. Huge skies, glorious peaks, abundant water, world-class wildlife and an attitude reminiscent of the Old West. Unfortunately, Montana is also home to those who would willfully allow the UN mandated, Agenda 21 program to take a foothold here.
Former, current and future legislators have banded together for a Big Sky Battle against Agenda 21. Two such individuals joined Jason and myself LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show. Former legislator, Dan Happel and future legislator, Mark Perea have both done yeomen’s work in defense of our individual liberties, and both have been instrumental in introducing a bill to block Agenda 21. They both joined us recently as the battle for Montana, and the rights of its citizens, rages in the Montana State Legislature.

A Nation in Peril: The Agenda 21 Takeover

A Nation in Peril

As I have stated previously, one of the greatest benefits of hosting a radio show is the opportunity to speak to some of the most informed people in not only Alternative Media, but anywhere in America. Although we have been blessed to have interviewed such high caliber guests on numerous occasions, rarely do we have two such individuals on live at the same time. However, as the video below will reveal, we enjoyed that exact scenario recently when we spoke to Agenda 21 expert, Dan Happel; while Pastor Charles Dowell co-hosted the broadcast with yours truly, as Jason was unavoidably detained.

Dan Happel and Pastor Dowell are no strangers to The Liberty Brothers Radio Show. Both gentlemen have appeared numerous times on the broadcast, and the video that I produced of Dan Happel’s recent Agenda 21 presentation is one of the best of its kind anywhere; as Dan’s information is rock-solid accurate . Truly, these are two men who really know their stuff.

As the UN mandated, Agenda 21 blueprint is quickly being adopted and implemented in States and Municipalities across this country, is it accurate to describe America as a Nation in peril? For me, the question is self-evident.

The moral decay in America is becoming pretty hard to ignore, and with the majority of American’s minds focused on just about anything besides Personal Liberty and Natural Rights, programs like Agenda 21, Common Core, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and others have enjoyed mainstream success. Sure, there are a small minority of those who love liberty that recognize the criminals for who they really are; but, sadly, most Americans do not have a clue.